Faculty attend two-day writing retreat

Retreat participants
Standing, left to right: Andri Smith (Chemistry), Jill Shahverdian (Mathematics/QU101), Roberta Solimene (Occupational Therapy), Donald Sawyer (Sociology), Jane Kessler (Mathematics), and Len Engle (English). Seated, left to right: Deserine Fernandes (English/First Year Writing), Patricia Dowcett-Bettencourt (English/First Year Writing), LaToya Sawyer (English/First Year Writing).

Jan. 10, 2013 - The Research and Writing Institute hosted its fourth biannual Faculty Writing Retreat Jan. 8-9, 2013, at its 430 Mount Carmel Avenue facility.

Participants worked on a variety of diverse projects: memoirs, academic articles and books, short stories, poetry collections, conference proposals and papers, book reviews, novels, and case studies. The focused time away from everyday demands, the support of other faculty, and peer review had a powerful effect upon the group. Said one participant, "The quiet, undisturbed time, with everyone working in the room, makes it hard not to be disciplined and get something done." Since its inception in May of 2011, the Faculty Writing Retreat has helped many Quinnipiac faculty members to significantly advance scholarly and creative projects of all kinds. 

"Writing is an essential part of our personal and professional identities, yet it is something we rarely share," said Paul Pasquaretta, coordinator of the Research and Writing Institute. "The writing retreat is a means to combat the isolation we often feel as writers, and to create a space where writers of all kinds may develop and share their work." The RWI plans to host its next retreat in May 2013.

The two-day event brought together a multidisciplinary group of faculty writers: Diane Ariza (Center for Cultural and Global Engagement), Patricia Dowcett-Bettencourt (English/First Year Writing), Len Engel (English), Deserine Fernandez (English/First Year Writing), Tracy Hallstead (The Learning Center), Jane Kessler (Mathematics), Donald Sawyer (Sociology), LaToya Sawyer (English/First Year Writing), Jill Shahverdian (Mathematics/QU101), Roberta Solimene (Occupational Therapy), and Andri Smith (Chemistry).