Faculty writing retreat offers insight, new ideas

May 31, 2013 - The Research and Writing Institute hosted its fifth biannual Faculty Writing Retreat on May 21-22, 2013, at its 430 Mount Carmel Avenue facility.

Participants worked and collaborated on a variety of diverse projects: interprofessional education manuscripts, articles for scholarly journals, support materials on self-regulated learning in e-learning environments, an essay on intrinsic/extrinsic motivation in an MBA class; an essay on scope of practice politics in nursing, and a research article on cyber dating abuse. The focused time away from everyday demands, the support of other faculty, and the opportunity for peer review had a powerful effect upon the group.

Said one participant, "The time to work without distraction in a comfortable environment remote from the distractions of the office was a gift!" Another observed that "talking with other writers gives insight and new ideas that are very useful."

Since its inception in May of 2011, the Faculty Writing Retreat has helped many Quinnipiac faculty to significantly advance scholarly and creative projects of all kinds.

"I think we are really hitting our stride," said Paul Pasquaretta, coordinator of the Research and Writing Institute and the retreat facilitator. "The space at 430 Mount Carmel Avenue is just far enough away from campus to provide the kind of ambience that disengages faculty from their regular routines. Combined with the energy of the participating writers, it's a uniquely inspiring experience."

The two-day event brought together a multidisciplinary group of faculty writers: Nancy Bagatell (Occupational Therapy), Michelle Broggi (Occupational Therapy), Tracy Hallstead (The Learning Center), Kathleen Kelley (Physical Therapy), Scott Lane (Accounting), Penny Leisring (Psychology), Kimberly O'Neill (English), Lynn Price (Nursing), Glenda Pritchett (First Year Writing/English), Jennifer Rafferty (QU Online), and Jennifer Wood (The Learning Center). 

The RWI plans to host its next retreat in January 2014.