Fourteen students participate in QU in LA Program's charter class

Brendan Latran interning at Nickelodeon
Brendan Latran was one of 14 students who took advantage this summer of all that Los Angeles had to offer as a member of the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program’s charter class. Latran interned at Nickelodeon.

Aug. 27, 2014 - A new program at Quinnipiac gave students the opportunity this summer to work at some of Los Angeles' most prestigious companies.

Fourteen students took advantage of all that Los Angeles had to offer as members of the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program's charter class.

The students were: Nikki DiRico, Kimberly Fears, Lindsay Goldstein, Kortney Kesses, Brendan Latran, Jasmine Martin, Jacob Morris, Taylor Roberts, Shayna Rothschild, Zachary Ruboy, Jessica Salem, Jennifer Salomon, Paige Sherman and Lawrence Stayton.

"It has been a privilege to be able to create the QU in LA Program for Quinnipiac University," said program director F. Miguel Valenti. "I think we're off to a roaring start, exceeding expectations, and I know we can provide a unique and exciting opportunity for Quinnipiac students in Los Angeles." 

Quinnipiac in LA is a year-round program for the university's undergraduate and graduate students that incorporates an internship and coursework while living in Los Angeles. 

Students from the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and Engineering and the School of Communications participated this summer, interning at businesses such as Coldwell Banker, Conan, Nickelodeon, the Television Academy and Warner Bros.

"I believe we have created a distinctive and distinguished program - unique and exciting - that will broaden student horizons, further their career goals, advance their studies and give them perhaps their most memorable college semester," Valenti said. 

A new crop of students began participating in QU in LA on Aug. 23. 

"I see the program growing and expanding as time moves forward," Valenti said. "We will start incorporating coursework, guest speakers and more special events into the program when the fall semester begins, and the program will develop from there."