Guatemalan community names pavilion in honor of Ives

David Ives
David Ives, the executive director of our Albert Schweitzer Institute

Aug. 14, 2013 - The residents of a small Guatemalan town honored David Ives, executive director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute, by dedicating a multipurpose open-air pavilion Ives helped to build in his name.

There was a ceremony with Mayan dancers and songs at the July 25 dedication. Ives and his students have been working in the village for nearly five years.

Ives worked with Erin Sabato, director of programs at the Albert Schweitzer Institute, and 16 undergraduate and law students to build the pavilion. "This project is proof that when many groups of people come together with a common goal, a lot of good, long-lasting work can be done," Sabato said.

The space will be used for dances, meetings, plays, religious services, school assemblies and speeches.

Ives said he hopes the project will bring the Mayan community of Joya de Las Flores and the Quinnipiac communities closer together.
"Helping out a small village like Joya de Las Flores puts Quinnipiac on the map in a special way and it recognizes our programs for serving and helping others on an international basis," Ives said.