Professor publishes book on journalism

Sara Brown and Paul Steinle
From left: Sara Brown and Paul Steinle
Sept. 7, 2012 - Paul Steinle, adjunct professor in the School of Communications, along with his wife, Sara Brown, published a book that explores the power and purpose of journalism.

In an era when journalism may be losing public esteem, the pair wanted to ask: "Who are America's journalists and what has shaped their professional values?" To answer this, they met with publishers, editors and online news managers in every state of the country, collecting personal testimony about how professional journalism values are formed.

They asked: "Please tell us - in the form of an anecdote - about a time in your career when the power and purpose of journalism became clear to you. What happened and what did you learn?"

Based on their research, they created both a Web site chronicling the status of newspapers ( and a 230-page paperback that reveals the ethics and values of current and former working journalists. The book, "The Power and Purpose of Journalism" is published by Valid Sources Press, Seattle, Wash., a 501(c)(3), and is available at