QUWAC and the RWI Host Third Biannual Faculty Writing Retreat

Retreat attendees
Seated, from left to right: Mary Ann Cordeau, Mira Binford, Valija Evalds, Tricia Dowcett; Standing: Scott McLean, Chung-Lan Wang, Jennifer Herbst, Tracy Hallstead, Mary Schramm and Fodei Batty

May 24, 2012 - Quinnipiac University Writing Across the Curriculum (QUWAC) and the Research and Writing Institute (RWI) hosted their 3rd biannual faculty writing retreat May 22-23, 2012, at the RWI offices at 430 Mount Carmel Avenue.

The two-day event brought together a multidisciplinary team of faculty writers: Fodei Batty (Political Science), Mira Binford (Media Studies), Mary Ann Cordeau (Nursing), Constance Cranos (Marketing), Patricia Dowcett (First Year Writing), Valija Evalds (Performing Arts), Tracy Hallstead (The Learning Center), Jennifer Herbst (Legal Studies), Scott McLean (Political Science), Mary Schramm (Business), and Chung-Lan Wang (Art History).

Books, journal articles, short stories, and memoirs were among the projects developed. Participants found the fellowship, peer pressure, and uninterrupted time to write a powerful incentive. Scheduling the retreat near the end of the academic year also helped to bridge the divide between teaching and summer writing.

"Writing is an essential part of our personal and professional identities, yet is something we rarely share with each other," said Paul Pasquaretta, coordinator of the Research and Writing Institute. "The writing retreat is a means to combat the isolation we often feel as writers, and make writing a joyful and communal enterprise."