RWI Announces WAC Writing Contest Winners

June 8, 2012 - The co-winners of the 2012 WAC Writing Contest are Terrence Griffiths and Jeremy Patino. Griffiths' essay, "The Methamphetamine Epidemic: Causes, Concerns, and a Call for Change," was written under the direction of Professor Alan Bruce, who taught CJ 381, Criminal Justice Research Methods. Patino's essay, "Under the Influence," was written under the direction of Professor Kathryn Higgins, who taught English 101. For an honorable mention, the judges selected Jacob Nadeau, for his essay, "A Storm is Coming," which he wrote for Tricia Dowcett-Bettencourt in English 102.

The co-winners will each receive a $175 award and inclusion of their essays in the forthcoming edition of the First Year Writing Program's WAC Casebook. QUWAC and the RWI heartily thank everyone--writers, professors, judges, and support staff--for supporting this year's contest.