School of Law offers food and encouragement to alumni on exam day

bar exam breakfast
School of Law graduates enjoying their box lunches at the Hartford Marriott.

July 30, 2013 - Thanks to the University, recent law graduates didn't have to take the Connecticut Bar Exam on an empty stomach. 

Jennifer Gerarda Brown, dean of the School of Law, and other faculty and administrators provided support and encouragement to 95 graduates on exam day in the form of breakfast and box lunches at the Hartford Marriott. 

"The schedule gives exam takers very little time to obtain lunch between the morning and afternoon sessions," said Brown. "I thought that we could reduce their stress by providing box lunches for them on-site. In addition, students must arrive very early at the testing site at the beginning of the day and some of them are quite nervous before the exam begins. I thought that providing fruit, bagels, coffee, and most importantly, a friendly face, would remind our students how much we believe in them and how strongly we support their efforts."

Armed with the support of their alma mater, the future law practitioners got through the first day of testing. 

"They looked tired but encouraged to have survived the first morning," said Brown. "And I think they were happy to be together and to feel that sense of community and mutual encouragement. For me, it was an inspiring illustration of the kind of community we have at Quinnipiac Law."