Students and professor present at Northeast Decision Sciences Institute

April 4, 2014 - Six international business students and Robert Engle, professor of international business, presented research papers at the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute 2014 Annual Conference in Philadelphia on March 27-29. All papers were also accepted for publication in the conference proceedings.  

The Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) is an independent, non-profit professional organization of academicians and practitioners interested in the application of quantitative and behavioral methods to the problems of society. Through national, international and regional conferences, competitions, and publications, DSI provides an international forum for presenting and sharing research in the study of decision processes across disciplines. 

Alyssa Thomas and Christine Little's paper, "Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility Between the United States and South Korea," explores the difference of CSR perceptions of university students in the United States and students in South Korea with regards to how subjects of each country view importance of CSR in various settings and experiences.

Briana Nash and Marcin Mazurek's paper, "The Role of Cultural Dimensions on Economic Development," examines the relationship of two major cultural dimensions, power distance and individualism, with economic freedom and development of 70 regions over a period of 30 years.

Lisa Alessandrello and Tatiana Shams Costa's paper, "Behavioral Cultural Intelligence: The Influence of Multicultural Interaction, Time Spent in Foreign Countries, and Language Skills," examines the relationship that multicultural interaction, language skills, and total time spent in foreign countries have on a subject's behavioral cultural intelligence.

Engle presented a paper, "The Impact of Cultural Intelligence on Problem Solving Performance," which examines the degree to which the four dimensions of cultural intelligence impact a subject's ability to successfully solve a cross-cultural problem. He also presented a paper with a colleague from Widener University, "The Antecedents of Cross-cultural Stress in Short-term International Assignments."