Two faculty members appointed to CPPS board

Dr. Linda Ellis and Angela Mattie
From left: Dr. Linda Ellis and Angela Mattie.

June 26, 2014 - The Connecticut Partnership for Patient Safety has launched a public-private partnership by ratifying its bylaws and creating a board, which includes two members of the University faculty.

Dr. Linda Ellis, associate professor at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, and Angela Mattie, associate professor and chair of the health care management and organizational leadership department in the School of Business, have been appointed to the board.

Started informally five years ago as a group of concerned executives, representing a wide range of extensive health care experience and leadership, CPPS has since grown to 19 individuals representing health care providers, consumers, insurers, advocacy, professional, research, state health and quality improvement organizations. Mattie was a member of the original organizing group.

"CPPS is the realization of a concept long overdue," said President-Elect Judith Kunisch, faculty member at the Yale School of Nursing and a member of the original organizing group. "The group's mission is to create a culture of patient safety across the health care continuum through a statewide collaboration that provides education and consultation. We want to celebrate successes and shine a light on best practices across our state to encourage dramatic improvements sorely needed in protecting patients."

Taking lessons learned from the Massachusetts coalition's successful patient safety model and commissioning studies from the Department of Health Care Management at Quinnipiac, CPPS is creating a solid foundation for growth.  

"This group is different from others in that it is laser focused on patient protection and patient safety," said CPPS Interim President Tim Elwell, president and CEO of Qualidigm. "Using a non-punitive approach that shines a light on what works, CPPS aggressively supports the creation of a culture of trust that encourages transparency and honesty. The group hopes to attract all healthcare stakeholders, including patients, to reduce patient harm caused by the state's health care delivery system."  

CPPS will concentrate on the continuum of care for all individuals seeking health care in Connecticut; collaborating with and enhancing the many patient safety/quality improvement initiatives already underway.

Initially sponsored by the Connecticut State Medical Society with additional funding from individual and member groups, CPPS is now transitioning to a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation to attract both grants and corporate donors to build its organization. 

In addition to Quinnipiac, Yale and Qualidigm, the board includes representation from the Connecticut Hospital Association, ProHealth Physicians, Long-Term Care/Not-for-Profit, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Alternity Healthcare LLC, Connecticut State Medical Society, Business Council of Fairfield County, CT Association of Healthcare Executives, HealthyCT, CT Center for Patient Safety, Community Health Center Association, Board CT Health Insurance Exchange, Hospital of Central Connecticut, UConn School of Pharmacy, CT Nursing Collaborative-Action Coalition and CT Health Care Advocate.