University receives $250,000 grant

Suzanne Hudd and Bob Smart
Suzanne Hudd and Bob Smart

Dec. 2008 - The Davis Educational Foundation has awarded Quinnipiac a $250,000 grant to develop "Critical Thinking and Writing in the Majors," a program that will add deeper critical thinking and writing applications to upper-level undergraduate classes.

Robert Smart, a professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences, will work closely with Suzanne Hudd, associate professor of sociology and vice chair of the Writing Across the Curriculum program, to develop the program, which is expected to be launched in the Fall 2009 semester.

This 2008 grant is the second the Davis Educational Foundation has awarded Quinnipiac. In 2003, Quinnipiac received a $142,000 Davis Educational Foundation grant to fund the University's Writing Across the Curriculum program, which strives to instill critical thinking and writing skills in all freshman and sophomore classes regardless of their majors. The grant also was used to offer more than 300 faculty members training in writing-to-learn techniques.

"This second grant will help turn the old success we had with Writing Across the Curriculum into a new success," Smart said.

Sally Tremaine, director of academic and government grants at Quinnipiac, said, "The second iteration of Writing Across the Curriculum program development will focus on disciplinary writing and critical thinking, which becomes important in the junior and senior years. Its intention is to enhance the existing successful Writing Across the Curriculum model with a disciplinary relevance that is sensitive to the role of writing in the major."