University to hold philosophy conference July 11-13

Schweitzer Institute

June 25, 2013 - Quinnipiac will host the 30th International Social Philosophy Conference July 11-13 on its Mount Carmel Campus.

The conference, run by the North American Society for Social Philosophy, is being organized by Anat Biletzki, Schweitzer Professor of Philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences; Rebecca Bamford, assistant professor of philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences; Sean Duffy, professor of political science and chair of philosophy and political science in the College of Arts and Sciences; Mordechai Gordon; a professor in the School of Education; David Ives, executive director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute; and Jo Palmieri, assistant to the executive director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute.

"Philosophy in particular and the intellectual milieu of liberal arts in general are the optimal contexts in which to explore issues that thinking people want to address," said Biletzki, who is the chair of the organizing committee and the person responsible for bringing the event to the university. "I personally think that all people are thinking people, but sometimes you need an environment that will help you do the thinking with others - out loud and actively. Our university can provide that kind of arena - both in facilities and in human capability - and this is an opportunity to engage in such an enterprise."

Registrants will be able to choose from more than 40 sessions led by faculty representing institutions across the United States and Canada.

The registration fee for faculty is $65 and students pay $45. Registration fees are waived for Quinnipiac faculty and students.