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The Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning

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In recent years, the United States has fallen far behind other developed nations in its preparation of students for careers in science, math and technology (ranking 15th in math and 9th in science worldwide), as well as failing to provide basic science literacy to its citizens. In response to this desperate need for improving STEM education, the center develops and delivers a number of services and programs.

What We Do

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning is currently offering the following activities:

For STEM Teacher Professional Development (STPD)

  • K-12 Science Curriculum Unit Development
  • STEM Teaching and Learning Best Practice including Team Project Based Learning, Science Inquiry Based Learning, Flipping the Classroom' and Metacognition
  • "Engineering is Elementary" Workshops
  • Summer Teacher Opportunities of Research in STEM (QU-STORS)
  • Math Teachers' Circles (MTC) (NHCMTC)

For STEM Career Connections (SCC)

  • Video conferences offering support in the preparation for STEM college courses and careers for K-12 students
  • K-12 parents, counselors, administrators and community partner workshops offering strategies to support students in their pursuit of STEM college courses and careers

The center offers support to all outreach activities that are STEM education focused. We welcome your ideas for how the center might support you and your students with an activity.    

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Cindy Kern
Assistant Professor of Education
Director of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Center