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At Quinnipiac, we combine academic theory and experiential learning to deliver an education that advances on the traditional university learning model — all purposefully designed to prepare students for success from day one. We are seeking our next university president to continue to innovate and propel Quinnipiac forward as an industry leader in higher education.

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Confidentiality is an important consideration in presidential searches, but we will stay in touch with you throughout the process with updates regarding the search.  

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Presidential Search News and Updates

Quinnipiac seeks 9th university president

President John L. Lahey announced in April that he will retire in June 2018.

During his time at the helm, President Lahey initiated a strategic planning process that has resulted in the growth of enrollment from 2,000 to nearly 10,000 students with a network of 50,000 alumni; expansion of our footprint from 100 acres on 1 campus to 650 across 3 campuses; and an increase in the endowment from $3 million to more than $450 million, among other accomplishments.

With such a strong foundation, we are seeking our next leader, who will continue to innovate and advance on our strong legacy. We have partnered with Spencer Stuart, a global executive search firm, to identify and recruit our 9th president.


Engineering students demonstrate their capstone project, a self-balancing personal transport device.

Road to success

Engineering students Alison Coffey, Nicholas Ruddat and Jason Melillo demonstrate their capstone project. The mechanical engineering majors designed and fabricated a self-balancing pneumatic personal transport device to be used at trade shows to showcase high-speed valves through a partnership with the Enfield company.

Position Summary

Quinnipiac is seeking a visionary leader energized by the opportunity of leading our university at a pivotal moment in its history. The next president will have the opportunity to develop and articulate a vision for the future of the university with stakeholders, including an entrepreneurial board and engaged community that embraces new ideas and innovative educational programs. The next president will build on the university’s current momentum and strong foundation, and will lead the university to a higher position of achievement and national recognition.

Key Relationships

Reports to:

  • Board of Trustees

Direct reports:

  • Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President and Dean of Admissions
  • Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs 
  • Vice President for Facilities and Capital Planning
  • Vice President for Human Resources
  • Vice President for Public Affairs

Key Responsibilities

  • In collaboration with the Board of Trustees and other key stakeholders, articulate a vision and establish priorities focused on the short-term needs and long-term objectives of the institution and external factors impacting academic institutions.
  • Serve as an inspiring spokesperson with a deep understanding of the institution, its history and goals.
  • Provide sound financial and operational oversight of the university’s assets.
  • Maintain a strong commitment to a diverse and inclusive student body, faculty, and staff.
  • Partner with alumni affairs to strengthen the relationship with alumni and build a culture of giving; empower deans to participate in fundraising efforts.
  • Encourage and incentivize the strengthening of the academic programs by the provost and deans. Leverage academic and co-curricular opportunities for cross-discipline collaboration including further integration of online programs.
  • Build and maintain a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the towns of Hamden and North Haven.
  • Maintain a commitment to Quinnipiac’s student-focused environment including support of co-curricular experiences and services for the health and wellness of students.
  • Attract, retain, and develop strong administrative leadership and a faculty committed to excellence.

Candidate Profile

Ideal Experience

  • Organizational leadership in a complex and collaborative enterprise in which intellectual and strategic skills are critical.
  • A meaningful understanding of higher education, its values of teaching and research, and its current challenges.
  • Intellectual depth combined with proclivity toward action, accomplishment, and inspiration.
  • Strong financial and operating acumen and comfort, with the fiduciary responsibility accompanying the oversight of a three campus university.
  • Experience working with, or serving on, a board of directors or trustees.
  • A track record of significant accomplishments and success.
  • Demonstrated credentials in raising resources that will allow Quinnipiac to achieve its aspirations.
  • Terminal degree (Ph.D., M.B.A., J.D. or another relevant degree).

Critical Leadership Capabilities

Forward-Thinking Intellectual Leadership

Like all institutions in a continually evolving higher education landscape, Quinnipiac University must chart its course in the context of its history and strengths and the demands of the future. As Quinnipiac consists of nine distinct schools and many highly regarded programs, the next leader will partner with the provost, deans, and faculty to support the strengths of the individual schools while pursuing opportunities to create an integrated and coherent whole. This person will embrace the opportunities of a comprehensive, residential institution with a deep commitment to teaching, experiential, residential, and co-curricular learning and a focus on the professions. The next president will work within this broad community to assess the current state of the university, serve as a catalyst for dynamic discussion, and set strategic priorities for future initiatives. The president will encourage the provost, deans, and faculty to continue to be entrepreneurial and explore opportunities to introduce new pedagogies, practices, fields, and academic innovations that will build upon Quinnipiac's strengths and further distinguish the institution.

Strategic and Operational Mindset

Quinnipiac has undergone transformational change in the past two decades, shifting from a college to a university, and adding programs in new fields including law and medical schools. The university is seeking an individual who will frame and lead a strategic plan that will further advance the academic excellence, resources, reputation and visibility of the university. The strategic plan must address the campus master plan, ensuring that the facilities and infrastructure will support the growth and expansion of the university. The next leader will work collaboratively with the Board of Trustees, staff, faculty, and students to assess and strengthen the university while selectively pursuing new opportunities; being ever mindful of the institution’s commitment to providing an excellent educational experience to all its students.

Community Building

Quinnipiac deeply values the strong sense of community that has remained intact despite the university’s tremendous growth and expansion to three campuses. The President must enthusiastically embrace the intimacy and collegiality of the university and be energized by the opportunity to be fully engaged with all constituents and be a visible presence on the campus. He or she will be a natural collaborator who shares information transparently in order to gain broad understanding and trust. This person will have experience building and empowering a talented, stable team that encourages discussion and debate in the spirit of building a stronger institution for the faculty, students, and staff. The president will work to develop a campus culture that reflects and supports the university’s values of diversity, inclusivity, transparency, and excellence.

Other Personal Characteristics

  • Integrity and the highest ethical and moral standards
  • Innovative; forward-thinking
  • Diplomatic
  • Team-builder
  • Charismatic
  • Thoughtful decision-maker
  • Authentic personal commitment to the core values of the institution
  • An engaged and visible leader to the community


Business student Rachel Moon '16, MBA '18, introduces a panel onstage during the annual GAME Forum in New York City.

Global presence

Rachel Moon '16, MBA '18, introduced a panel during our annual Global Asset Management Education (G.A.M.E.) VII Forum on March 30, at the Midtown Hilton in New York. Each year approximately 40 Quinnipiac business students play an integral role in organizing the annual G.A.M.E. Forum, a three-day conference that brings together the sharpest minds in the finance world. The student-led event — the largest of its kind in the world — provides 1,500 college students from 47 states and 45 countries representing 160 universities with a unique opportunity to learn best practices in investment management and network with industry leaders.

Quinnipiac Today

Redefining higher education

Sixty-four percent of employers say they believe that universities aren’t providing the skills and knowledge that graduates need to succeed in entry-level positions, according to a recent study. Further, thousands of employers indicated that they are “underwhelmed” by the pool of candidates applying for jobs, according to a national survey by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute.

Quinnipiac is evolving to meet the changing demands of professional markets through an innovative approach to education. We’ve challenged the perception of what higher education is — and have become a pioneer, recognized across America for our innovative approach.

For instance:

  • Our accelerated-degree programs provide a unique and powerful path to maximizing our students’ time and reducing our students’ costs. Rare among colleges and universities, these programs provide our students with a seamless path from undergraduate- to graduate-level courses. Completing these accelerated programs enables our graduates to hit the job market with diverse skill sets and tangible experience. Every year, we are adding additional accelerated programs throughout the university.
  • Students have a vast array of opportunities to gain career-defining experience outside of the classroom. In fact, 95.5% of graduating seniors say they applied classroom learning to real-life issues while at Quinnipiac — whether through an internship, clinical experience, research project, volunteer opportunity or even creating their own small business.
  • With 8 professional schools and a college of arts and sciences, students have the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines in and out of the classroom. Take our simulated births — where students from our Schools of Health Sciences, Medicine and Nursing come together to better understand not just how to deliver babies, but also how to most effectively communicate with other members of the health care team. Similarly, students from our College of Arts and Sciences and School of Health Sciences created a virtual-reality simulation program to develop and practice the best techniques for transferring patients and avoiding injuries.

Through a variety of curriculum innovations like these, we provide quality opportunities for our students, giving them the hands-on experiences they need to enjoy successful careers and lives after graduating. When it comes to employer-desired skills and knowledge, we outperform other American universities by an average of 8.5%, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement. It’s why we’re ranked among the top 13% of all 4-year schools nationally for the value of our education by The Economist and the Brookings Institution.

And we aren’t done yet. As we look toward the future, we’re seeking the individual with the passion, vision and drive necessary to continue to evaluate the changing professional markets, innovate our approach to learning — and best position Quinnipiac as a national leader in higher education.

By the Numbers


Extraordinarily Well-Prepared

Percentage of alumni who say Quinnipiac prepared them for success, according to the 2015 Quinnipiac General Alumni Survey.


Hands-On Experience

Compared to graduating seniors at public peer institutions nationally, 15.6 percent more Quinnipiac seniors participated in an internship or clinical placement during college, according to the 2015 National Survey of Student Engagement.

Top 13%

Exceeding Expectations

Quinnipiac's 94.6% Career Outcomes rate exceeds the national average by 9.1%, according to the 2015 National Association of Colleges and Employers survey.

Video Overview

Get to know Quinnipiac

We transform passion into impact

Quinnipiac is a private, coeducational university in Southern New England where students receive an educational experience that’s both personal and challenging from faculty who care deeply about student outcomes. We define our success entirely by our students’ and alumni’s success.


Three students work with a patient in the Bobcat Community Clinic, a medical clinic run by medical student volunteers.

Connecting with the community

Alexa Lee, Dipesh Patel and Nicole Bahraini work with a patient in the Bobcat Community Clinic, a health clinic run by Quinnipiac medical student volunteers for indigenous populations in Bridgeport.

Application and Nomination

Recruiting the right fit

The search for a new university president is a major undertaking. For this reason, we're working with Spencer Stuart, a prestigious global executive search and leadership consulting firm, to find the right individual to lead Quinnipiac in a new era.

We are committed to conducting a comprehensive search process. All candidates will be given serious and thoughtful consideration in relation to the skills and requirements of the position.

To apply or to nominate someone, please contact Spencer Stuart directly using the email address below. All communications will remain confidential.

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We want to hear from you

Few understand the Quinnipiac experience better than our students, alumni, faculty and staff. We value the thoughts of those who have shared in the experience and have contributed to our success over the years.

We encourage anyone with feedback about the search to email Spencer Stuart directly using the email address below or by completing the short survey. All communications will remain confidential.