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Presidential Search News and Updates

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January 28, 2018 Update

January 28, 2018 Update

To: The Quinnipiac Community

William Weldon ’71, chairman of the Quinnipiac University Board of Trustees, will introduce the university's ninth president at a special press and welcoming event at the Mount Carmel Auditorium in the Center for Communications and Engineering at 3 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 29.

All members of the university community are invited to attend, but seating will be limited. The event also will be live streamed in the Multipurpose Room in the Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences on the North Haven Campus and in the piazza on the Mount Carmel Campus. You also can watch the event live at

November 15, 2017 Update

November 15, 2017 Update

To: The Quinnipiac Community

From: Bill Weldon, Chair, Quinnipiac University Board of Trustees and Chair, Presidential Search Committee

Since my last update to the community, the search committee and the advisory committee met for more than two hours to discuss the status of the search and to answer any questions that the advisory committee members had. It was a fruitful discussion and we are grateful to the advisory committee members for their input in the process. Below is a PDF document outlining the process thus far. 

We have narrowed the candidate pool to five, two women and three men, and we anticipate narrowing the pool further before inviting the candidates to meet the advisory committee in January. Again, we appreciate the interest and involvement of all in this important search process.

November 2, 2017 Update

November 2, 2017 Update

To: The Quinnipiac Community
From: Bill Weldon, Chair, Quinnipiac University Board of Trustees and Chair, Presidential Search Committee

I am writing to update you on the presidential search, which has continued to progress since our last update in late August. The marketplace reaction has been extremely positive, largely owing to Quinnipiac’s remarkable growth, financial stability and overall upward trajectory, for which we have the entire community to thank. 

Since August, the search committee and search firm (Spencer Stuart) reviewed more than 150 candidates from higher education, nonprofits and industry with a wide range of backgrounds. Our goal was to identify a strong slate of candidates that included presidents, provosts, deans and senior academic leaders from research universities and other academic institutions. During our interviews, we discussed with candidates their experience in building academic excellence, their commitment to an exceptional student experience, their ability to work with a senior leadership team, their track record in developing a diverse community, and their success in fundraising. 

The advisory committee has met with the search committee and will do so again on Thursday, November 9. We have now developed a small pool of highly qualified candidates with whom we will continue to engage and evaluate. The advisory committee will be directly involved in the interview process once the pool is narrowed further, and its input will be especially valuable to the search committee.

We will update you as our search continues and look forward to a successful conclusion and announcement sometime during the next few months.

August 28, 2017 Update

August 28, 2017 Update

To: The Quinnipiac Community
From: Bill Weldon, Chair, Quinnipiac University Board of Trustees and Chair, Presidential Search Committee

I am writing to update you on the presidential search, which has continued to progress since our last update in July. 

As mentioned in my last update, we planned to appoint an advisory committee, which we have now done. 

The members are:

  • Greg Amodio, Director, Athletics & Recreation
  • Fodei Batty, Associate Professor of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Robert Bona, Professor of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine
  • Jennifer Gerarda Brown, Dean, School of Law
  • Lisa Burns, Professor of Media Studies, School of Communications
  • Jennifer Dobrodziej, 2017-18 Chair of the Graduate Student Council
  • Katherine Harris, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, School of Health Sciences
  • Courtney McKenna, Director of Student Affairs
  • Jean Lange, Founding Dean, School of Nursing
  • Ryan Lynch, 2017-18 Student Government Association President
  • Mary Schramm, Associate Professor of Marketing, School of Business
  • Robert Smart, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mark Varholak, Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
  • Donald Weinbach, Vice President, Development and Alumni Affairs

To begin their work, the advisory committee met last week with our search consultants from Spencer Stuart who offered their perspective on the presidential search profile.  We look forward to working with this committee as the search progresses. 

Second, we had excellent participation from a large cross section of the university community regarding the survey asking people what qualities they think the next president should possess. 

We are pleased to report that more than 2,300 survey responses have been received so far from the university community. The majority of responses was submitted by alumni (42%) and students (38%), and more than 200 faculty and 200 staff members also took part. I am deeply grateful to all those who took the time to complete the survey; without your involvement, it would be difficult to write a position description for the next president.

Nearly 70% of respondents ranked high-quality academic programs as one of Quinnipiac’s areas of distinction, followed by the range of schools and disciplines, and Quinnipiac’s strong sense of community and shared values.

Maintaining and improving academic programs was identified as one of the most significant challenges and opportunities for the university in both the near-term and the longer-term, according to 40% of the respondents. Survey respondents also want the university to continue to build, develop, support and retain a strong faculty, and increase the funding available for financial aid.

Those who completed the survey also would like the next president to be innovative and forward thinking, visible and approachable, and have educational leadership experience, vision, an ability to communicate with multiple constituent groups and a strong business sense.

This information is critically important to the search committee and its advisory committee, as it will inform and guide the next steps in the process. Again, on behalf of the entire search committee, may I express appreciation for your collective involvement and interest in this effort.

Again, may I remind you that all information for the presidential search page will be available on this page. I invite you to check back often for updates.

July 10, 2017 Update

July 10, 2017 Update

To: The Quinnipiac Community
From: Bill Weldon, Chair, Quinnipiac University Board of Trustees

Thank you for another successful year as we collectively continue to make our university a distinctive and robust organization. As John L. Lahey enters his final year as our president, I write again to thank him for his leadership and to provide an update regarding the status of our search for John’s successor. 

Working with our search firm, Spencer Stuart, we have begun to collect information from the Quinnipiac community regarding views on what important qualities and experience the next president should bring to us. To that end, in the past month, the search firm held open sessions with faculty, staff and students and met with leaders on campus. The questions have been the same for each meeting:

  • What is distinctive about Quinnipiac?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges facing the university?
  • What are the qualities and experiences you would seek in our next leader?

We are grateful to those of you who were able to attend a meeting. However, knowing that end-of-year schedules can be trying, we also put together an online survey for our students, alumni, faculty and staff to collect further information and perspectives that will inform the work of the search committee and the position specification. We encourage everyone to participate.

I also am pleased to announce that, at the recent board meeting, a Search Committee was selected and includes the following individuals:

  • William Ayers ’70, Trustee
  • Carlton Highsmith, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
  • David Nelson ‘81, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
  • Marybeth Noonan ’82, P’14, Trustee
  • William Weldon ‘71 Chairman, Board of Trustees and Chair, Search Committee

To assist the search committee and ensure that the Quinnipiac community is further engaged, we also will establish a small Advisory Committee composed of students, faculty and staff. The appointment of that committee is under consideration, and we look forward to making the committee known to you some time in the next month. 

We will stay in touch with you over the summer and into the fall with updates regarding the search. Please check this web page periodically for news and updates regarding the search.

As we know you can appreciate, confidentiality is an important consideration in presidential searches, but we will share all that we can. In the meantime, we encourage anyone with thoughts about the search or nominations to be considered to send an email or complete the anonymous survey located below.

Many thanks for your help and support at this very important juncture for Quinnipiac University.

April 26, 2017 Update

April 26, 2017 Update

To: The Quinnipiac Community
From: William Weldon, Chair, Quinnipiac University Board of Trustees

It is with mixed emotions that the Board of Trustees acknowledges President John Lahey’s recent announcement that he will retire in June 2018. We want to thank him for his extraordinary service to Quinnipiac during these past 30 years. We would like to highlight a few of his many accomplishments.

The university has grown from 1,902 students when John arrived in 1987 to approximately 10,000 today. Then Quinnipiac College, today it is a major university with a college of arts and sciences and eight professional schools: business, communications, education, engineering, health sciences, law, medicine and nursing. The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine graduates its inaugural class next month. His leadership has resulted in a rise in academic excellence, national prominence and highly evolved student engagement initiatives.

John also has overseen the growth of the physical plant from one to three campuses in two towns: the Mount Carmel Campus, the York Hill Campus, and our newest campus in North Haven that houses most of the graduate programs. 

A special point of pride is the Polling Institute, which over the years has grown from a small, local operation polling in Connecticut to an internationally recognized poll that today conducts polls in 11 states, New York City and nationally. There are many other institutes that have been created during John’s tenure, including the Albert Schweitzer Institute and three in the School of Medicine in primary care, rehabilitation medicine and global public health. A newly formed Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute joins Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, opened in 2012.

And finally, the university’s athletic programs took a major leap when, under John’s leadership, they moved from Division II to Division I athletics, building a new sports center on York Hill, and elevating basketball and ice hockey to the national stage.

President Lahey has the Board’s full support during this next year. As trustees, our responsibility now is to ensure that we seek the most highly qualified, talented and experienced individual to lead the university in the coming years. We are deeply committed to doing so and, to that end, have engaged the services of Spencer Stuart, an executive search firm based in Stamford, Connecticut. The firm is uniquely qualified to assist us, having conducted more than 300 senior-level executive and board searches over the past five years. 

Representatives from the firm will be on campus in May to meet with faculty, staff and students and thus help the trustees learn what qualities and experience the Quinnipiac community wishes to see in its next president. 

Again, I extend my deepest appreciation to John and his wife, Judy, for their exceptional service to Quinnipiac University and wish them much happiness in the years ahead.

April 14, 2017 Letter from President Lahey

President John L. Lahey announces his retirement

To: The Quinnipiac University Community
From: John L. Lahey
Date: April 14, 2017

It is with mixed emotions that I report to you that the 2017-18 academic year will be my last as President of Quinnipiac University. God willing, on June 30, 2018, I will retire having completed 31 years and 3 months as your president.

Words alone cannot express the thanks and appreciation I feel for the privilege and honor I have been given to serve as President of Quinnipiac University for more than three decades.

Together during this time we have transformed a small local college with 1,902 students and three schools into a major national university with 10,000 students and nine schools and colleges, including the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Law and School of Engineering. I hope you share with me this same sense of pride and delight in all that Quinnipiac has become thanks to our collective efforts.

The next academic year will provide many opportunities for Judy and me to express our heartfelt appreciation for your enormous contributions to Quinnipiac's success and our enduring gratitude for your support, friendship and collegiality over the past three decades. Our sincere best wishes to all of you for an enjoyable and restful summer.