Dr. Doodnauth Hiraman

Dr. Doodnauth Hiraman

For Dr. Doodnauth Hiraman, MD, medicine is not only a professional calling, it’s an honor.

“Being a physician is a privilege and an honor,” said Hiraman, who works in emergency medicine at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and will serve on the School of Medicine’s clinical faculty. “You encounter people at the lowest point in their lives and have a chance to help.” 

In emergency medicine, every second counts. Still, there are many opportunities for teaching even in the fast-paced environment of the ER. “It’s a great environment because you’re thinking on your feet,” he said.

With its location in Bridgeport, Conn., one of the state’s largest urban centers, the hospital sees its share of trauma— but it’s also a destination cancer center and a regional center for state-of-the-art cardiac services. The diverse patient population allows for a wide variety of learning experiences for medical students.   

As a mission-driven hospital, St. Vincent’s does not consider a patient’s insurance status when delivering care. “It’s based on medical needs, not what they can afford,” Hiraman explains.

Before coming to St. Vincent’s, Hiraman spent eight years teaching medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, and looks forward to teaching Quinnipiac medical students. 

When he was in medical school and completing his residency, Hiraman says there were times when he recognized an issue in the health care system and thought, “I wish someone would fix this problem.” He sees being a medical educator as a chance to effect change.   

“You have a hand in affecting the future. You have the ability to change health care. It’s a very exciting opportunity to help people change.”


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