Josh Improta '14

Josh Improta

This past winter, Josh Improta finished up his college career at Quinnipiac and graduated a semester early with a bachelor's degree in accounting. Now he's already crunching numbers in the financial services industry as a first-year audit assistant at Deloitte and Touche, one of the largest professional services firms in the world. 

"I do work some long hours and I have been exposed to stuff I've never seen before," said Improta. "What I didn't expect was to have such a great team to work with, which makes it a lot easier to get work done. Deloitte talked about having a team atmosphere, but I didn't expect it to be as team-oriented as it is. It's helped me get through these first months."

He started his career in the firm's Stamford office in January 2014. Improta credits the sound advice and mentoring he received from Quinnipiac's faculty and members of the career development office with landing his first job. 

Gary Schneider, chair of the accounting department, helped set him down his future career path.  "I would go to Professor Schneider's office hours not just for class, but to discuss career ideas. I would ask questions like, 'What did you do in your career?' or 'How would you do it differently?' I was able to do that with a lot of my professors," said Improta. 

He also credits Jill Ferrall, associate dean for career development, and the rest of the career development staff at the School of Business, with helping him kick start his career.  "It's by direct connection with Quinnipiac career services that I was able to start the recruitment process really early," said Improta. "Jill has always been accessible to meet with me to discuss my resume and opportunities with financial firms." 

With real work experience at a prestigious financial firm already under his belt, Improta has his eyes set on achieving his next goal: passing the CPA exam. 

"Deloitte has exceeded my expectations," said Improta. "I've only been out here a few months and I've seen how valuable my Quinnipiac education is." 


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