Accounting is the language of business. It is used to communicate financial and other information to people, organizations and governments.

Our accounting program has produced successful graduates who are CPAs, controllers, senior auditors and entrepreneurs. Our students find satisfying careers in public accounting, industry, government and academia. Entry-level accountants work as staff accountants in public accounting firms, internal auditors, cost and financial analysts in industry, as well as IRS agents. With more experience, an accountant can become a partner in a public accounting firm, or a controller or chief financial officer in a corporate organization. Many accounting students continue their education in master's degree programs or in professional education courses.

The focus of the Department of Accounting is to provide a broad education designed to foster an understanding of business and accounting concepts relevant to today's global economy.

The department strives to create and support a learning environment that produces students who are inquisitive, thoughtful and engaged participants in the process of continuous learning and development, and who have:

  • an understanding of business and accounting concepts and requisite technical skills
  • critical thinking skills required to identify problems, gather and interpret information with an appropriate level of professional skepticism, evaluate alternatives and formulate solutions
  • an understanding of ethical issues in accounting, personal responsibility and integrity
  • skills for working in collaborative environments
  • respect for diverse opinions and cultural backgrounds
  • effective verbal and written communication skills

The department offers a major and a minor in accounting, as well as a major in computer information systems and accounting, which is offered in conjunction with the computer information systems department.

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