Do these courses get scheduled through WebAdvisor?

Students in this program must register for courses through the MBA program director.

What if I am offered a job after I complete my undergraduate degree?

You can always apply for admission to the part-time or online programs. If admitted, this will continue your studies and perhaps even take advantage of employer tuition reimbursement.

How much does the Fast-Track Program cost?

The program costs about $895 per credit. Double counting nine hours of graduate courses with the bachelor's degree saves you approximately $8,000 on the cost of the program. Total cost of the remaining courses is about $32,500.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. The graduate financial aid office has staff dedicated to helping students find financial aid for graduate school. Ask us about graduate assistantships, too.

What about the international trip—where do they go and how much does it cost?

Hungary, Nicaragua, China, London, France and Ireland are just some of the places we have traveled, and we are always looking for new places to visit. The cost of the trip is tuition + the trip cost + airfare. Excluding tuition, trips cost approximately $3,700.

How does this affect undergraduate requirements (what classes do not need to be taken)?

Graduate courses usually count as open electives. The most important objective your senior year is to make sure you complete the requirements for your bachelor's degree.

Is there a career center for graduate students?

Yes, our Career Services staff serves graduate students as well. Companies post positions that specifically target graduate students.

Do the students have to find their own internships?

Yes, but we have placement services on campus to assist, and we also have a number of companies that recruit our students for internship and employment opportunities.

Does Quinnipiac offer graduate housing?

There is graduate housing available. Sign up early if you are interested.

Does QU provide a learning center for the graduate-level courses?

Yes, graduate students may take advantage of services offered by the Learning Commons.

Are the courses scheduled automatically for the students?

There are sections that are reserved for BS or BA/MBA students.