Master of Business Administration with JD

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Students may apply for acceptance to both the School of Law and the MBA program in the School of Business and Engineering. Upon completion of both programs, students receive a business and a law degree. This specialized joint program shortens the length of time necessary to receive the degrees. Four law courses are used to fulfill the four-elective course requirement of the MBA program.

Admissions for these programs are handled separately, but a student should inform both admissions offices of an interest in this joint degree program. Students accepted into the School of Law are not required to take the GMAT or GRE. A student may be admitted to one program and, prior to meeting the graduation requirements for that program, apply for the joint degree program.

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Curriculum + Requirements

Once accepted to both programs, a student typically completes one year of law studies and then begins taking courses from both programs concurrently, finishing both programs' requirements in the same semester. However, students who wish to complete the joint program in three years can accomplish this by starting their MBA courses in the summer before their first year in the School of Law. 

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