Seminar Series

The academic and career advising seminar series offered through the School of Communications is required of all undergraduate students with the goal of each student enhancing and reaching his or her personal, academic and career potential. Through timely discussion and reflection upon various skills and competencies, students will develop essential learning outcomes and life skills.
This seminar series, required of all School of Communications students matriculating in Fall 2013 or later, has been designed to better prepare our students for the challenges of their college and professional careers. The seminar series will consist of a freshman seminar, a career-planning seminar, and an optional practical application, as follows:

  • COM 101 - Communications Freshman Seminar (1 credit)
  • COM 201 - Media Career Development (1 credit)
  • COM 301 - Media Career Practicum (1 credit - optional)

The seminar series is designed to better prepare the students of the School of Communications not only for the challenges of academic life and their eventual career, but also to teach them life skills of self-advocacy, communication and social skills, decision-making, time-management, academic ethics, responsibility, self-awareness, and other topics specific to students studying within communications fields.  The courses will also align career planning and advising course objectives with the University's initiative for students to develop essential learning outcomes (ELOs).

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