The mission of the Department of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine is to provide a quality education program through which students may obtain the knowledge and psychomotor skills necessary to practice as athletic trainers certified by the Board of Certification.

Importance is placed upon the provision of opportunities within the curriculum for the development of skills encompassing the domains of athletic training. Strong emphasis is placed on the practical clinical experience coupled with specific professional course work.

Recognizing the importance of excellence in teaching and instruction, the faculty, in its commitment to the combination of diverse clinical and intellectual experiences, collaborates in educating students. Through successful completion of the athletic training program, graduates are prepared to enter the profession of athletic training and assume a leadership role.

The athletic training program offers a highly personalized learning environment featuring small classes and ready access to faculty, reflecting the University's commitment to excellence in teaching, as well as support for scholarship and professional development.

The athletic training and sports medicine faculty share a service orientation toward the students and their needs. The program also strives to prepare graduates who manifest critical and creative thinking, effective communication skills, informed value judgments, and who possess an educational foundation for continued growth and development in a changing world of diverse cultures and people.

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