About our Faculty

Our faculty members offer the knowledge and training needed to prepare students for both professional research and medical diagnostic settings. Whether you're planning to work in a hospital, pharmaceutical company or a research organization, our professors will help you build a solid foundation for a successful career as a laboratory professional.

The following is a list of select faculty members and their research interests:

Dwayne Boucaud
Eukaryotic gene regulation; viral replication; viral-host interactions; novel antibacterials

Tom Brady
Human disease mechanisms; evolution; astrobiology; microbiology

Lisa Cuchara
Vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases; the role of fomites in disease transmission; antibiotic resistance (water, food, soil, hosts, infections, MRSA, etc.); commensals and opportunistic pathogens

Alexandre de Lencastre
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) and their functions in the nematode C. elegans during adulthood, including their effects on stress resistance, lifespan and in models of neurodegeneration

Christian Eggers
Pathogenic microbiology; scientific writing; molecular genetics; evolution

Laura Erhart
Infectious disease epidemiology; public health surveillance; vaccine-preventable diseases; influenza

Lani Keller
Molecular mechanisms that drive neurodegeneration; uses drosophila (fruit fly) genetics, micro-dissection, immunofluorescence, confocal microscopy, and a variety of molecular techniques to examine neurodegeneration; characterization of mutations that either cause or suppress neurodegeneration

Jeff Martin
Vascular biology; human performance; external pneumatic compression; metabolism

Tom Martin
Fatigue and human performance; ACL injury mechanism and prevention; running related injuries; exercise performance and masters athletes; clostridial diseases

Martine Mirrione
Neuropharmacology; behavioral neuroscience; neuroimaging; deep brain stimulation

Jeff Mital
Cellular microbiology; microbial pathogenesis; immunology; science and society; antimicrobial development and resistance

Christine Niekrash
Human anatomy and histology; interprofessional education; educational research; periodontal disease

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