The mission of the Center for Health Law and Policy is to educate Quinnipiac students about the extraordinarily complex set of state and federal laws associated with the field of health law and all of its interrelated areas.

The center serves as the focal point for activities between the School of Law and the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine in a joint effort to bring law students and medical students together in understanding the role of attorneys and physicians as partners in the provision of quality health care.

The Center for Health Law and Policy arranges presentations by leading experts and practicing attorneys in the many sub-fields of health law practice. The center also sponsors a health care law speaker series and an annual conference that address the latest developments in health law jurisprudence. Past conferences have addressed health care reform, medical research utilizing animal subjects and stem cell research.

Law students have the option of earning a health law concentration by choosing a number of health law-related courses. Courses satisfying the concentration requirements offer law students the opportunity to be exposed to the legal concepts integral to the field of health law. Courses are taught by faculty members with many years of experience in their areas of expertise.

The Health Law Society is an interdisciplinary organization of students, faculty and alumni dedicated to studying and discussing issues in health law and exploring career opportunities in the field. The society also sponsors and participates in health-related public service activities benefiting the community.

The Health Law Journal is a wholly student-run publication founded in 1995. The journal publishes two issues a year featuring discourse on both practical and theoretical issues in the field of health law and policy, biomedical ethics and medical-legal research. Students are eligible for candidacy in their second year of law school.

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