Individualized Education Program (IEP) Training

In collaboration with the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education, the Connecticut State Education Resource Center (SERC), and CADRE, the National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education, Quinnipiac University School of Law hosted national training during the spring of 2013 on Individualized Education Program (IEP)/Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) facilitation.

Attendees include individuals who are currently involved with IEP facilitation programs in other states, CADRE staff, and others who have knowledge of special education and prior facilitation experience who are interested in becoming IEP facilitators. Following the training, the Connecticut State Department of Education publishes a list of independent contractors who will be available for IEP facilitation in Connecticut.
Connecticut is one of six states that have partnered with CADRE in an intensive technical assistance collaboration intended to promote and expand the use of IEP/IFSP facilitation by developing resources, protocols, trainings, and coaching models that will improve local capacity to conduct effective IEP/IFSP meetings. Connecticut believes that IEP facilitation will improve/reduce adversarial relationships that frequently develop between schools and families during the IEP development process. 

For further information about Connecticut's IEP facilitation efforts, please contact Gail Mangs by email at or by phone at 860-713-6938, or Sally Esposito by email at or by phone at 860-632-1485, ext. 379.

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