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The Quinnipiac University School of Law offers full-time day, part-time evening and flex-time programs leading to the degree of juris doctor.

The full-time day program, designed for students able to devote essentially all of their time to the study of law, requires three academic years of residence.

The part-time program, designed for those who can devote only a portion of their time to the study of law, requires four academic years and one or two summer sessions of residence.

If neither program fits your schedule, a flex-time schedule may be possible. Students who are interested in a flex schedule must first be offered admission into either the full-time or part-time program and then meet with the associate academic dean to arrange a flex-time schedule. The full-time and part-time programs are equally challenging. Most courses in both programs are taught by full-time faculty, while some are taught by adjunct professors who are specialists in their fields of practice.

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