A wholly student-run publication founded in 1995, the Health Law Journal publishes two or three issues a year featuring discourse on both practical and theoretical issues in the fields of health law and policy, biomedical ethics, and medical-legal research.

Each issue features articles by leaders in these critical topic areas. Past issues have addressed topics such as:

  • forensic evidence
  • legal medicine
  • long-term care for the elderly
  • fraud and abuse enforcement and compliance
  • medical malpractice

The mission of the Health Law Journal is to further legal research and provide an avenue of scholarly discourse in the areas of health law and policy, biomedical ethics and medical-legal research in the interests of the students of the Quinnipiac University School of Law and the legal and medical professions abroad.

Members of the Quinnipiac Health Law Journal are responsible for the entire production process from article selection and editing through the layout of the final copy. Membership on the Quinnipiac Health Law Journal provides students with an opportunity to develop legal scholarship skills that give them an edge in the legal market. While the work can be very demanding, it can also lead to the satisfying feeling of accomplishment which comes from publishing a respected, high quality journal.

Our editorial board is dedicated to providing each of our authors with the utmost in professional service and personal attention. Our process includes three tiers of editing, all while keeping in mind the tone and voice of the author's submission. Our goal is to make all submissions the best they can be before print.

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