Annual Symposium

The Quinnipiac Health Law Journal hosts an annual Symposium on a topic selected by the Health Law Journal's membership. The Health Law Journal invites law faculty, practitioners, and other scholars from across the United States to participate in each Symposium. In addition to the Symposium event held on-campus, the Health Law Journal also publishes a corresponding online issue that aggregates the work of each of the participants.  

2015 Symposium

Concerning Aid in Dying: A symposium on the legal, medical, and ethical issues surrounding right-to-die legislation and end-of-life care
The 2015 symposium was presented jointly by the Health Law Journal and Quinnipiac Law Review. Learn more.
Learn more about our past symposia:
2014 Symposium, "Gun Laws, Public Health, and the Prevalence of Gun Violence: A Critical Look at an Important Balance"
2013 Symposium, "Primary Care and the Law"

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