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The nurse anesthesia program offers two options:

  • a full-time, three-year post-bachelor's DNP for registered nurses with critical care experience who wish to become nurse anesthetists
  • a part-time, two-year or three-year option for certified registered nurse anesthetists with a current master's degree who would like to earn the DNP

The curriculum of this three-year, full-time option offers coursework in advanced physiology and pathophysiology, anatomy with cadaver lab, advanced health assessment, advanced pharmacology, basic and advanced principles of anesthesia, physics and advanced chemistry for anesthetic practice, patient safety, ethics, professional aspects, biostatistics, clinical scholarship, health care leadership, epidemiology and evidence-based practice.
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This part-time program is designed for the practicing nurse anesthetist. The program prepares the CRNA for leadership positions in clinical practice, education and management. The program can be completed in two or three years. The curriculum contains coursework in ethics, biostatistics, epidemiology, evidence-based practice, human factors and patient safety, health policy, clinical scholarship and leadership. The program is offered entirely online.
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