Clinical Affiliations

The School of Nursing currently has affiliation agreements with eight hospitals.  

Three of these hospitals are Level I and Level II facilities. They offer a wide range of clinical experiences. Obstetrical experiences will be obtained at both Hartford Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center. Both of these facilities offer a full range of obstetrical care and cater to the high-risk patient population. The Hospital of Central Connecticut will also offer an obstetric experience to students rotating there. Pediatric experience will be obtained at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, one of only two pediatric hospitals in the state. Both pediatric and obstetrical experience can also be obtained at some of the smaller sites that have active services. Major vascular, neurological and chest procedures are available at our three largest hospital partnerships: St. Vincent's Medical Center, Hartford Hospital and St. Francis. Students will obtain experience with regional anesthesia delivery at all affiliated sites.

Students will have training in regional anesthesia and ultrasound guided procedures in simulation labs, and cadaver labs before administering blocks to patients in the clinical settings.

Toward the end of the program, students will have had many opportunities for advanced airway education and the management of patients. A workshop will be offered on campus on advanced airway management. Students will have the opportunity in the various sites to manage the airways of a variety of patients using a wide variety of advanced airway equipment. Through the clinical student teaching practicum, students will be given the opportunity to "precept" other students in the OR or simulated OR and to serve as the resource person for airway management.  Critical thinking and decision making will be emphasized throughout the program. Simulation labs utilizing critical incident scenarios will be part of the experiences the students will undergo later in the curriculum.  The clinical practicum part of the program will be a total of 12 credits, which will represent between 1,800-2,000 hours of clinical practice. Nurse anesthesia students will be eligible to sit for the National Certification Examination at the completion of the program.

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