Minor in Biology

Minor Overview

Biology forms the foundation of a diverse array of fields, from zoology and botany to veterinary medicine and genetics. What’s exciting about this minor is that you’ll have a tremendous amount of control over the direction your experience takes. With the guidance of the department chair, you’ll chart your own path through the curriculum, choosing from a range of courses that fit your interests and your career ambitions. Our biology minor perfectly complements majors in the other sciences, such as chemistry and physics.

In this program, you’ll have the flexibility to choose electives that broaden your knowledge and understanding of biology, or you can focus on a specific area of interest, such as ecology or physiology. 

Curriculum and Requirements

A minor in biology requires the completion of at least 20 BIO credits, 12 of which must be beyond the 100-level courses. A minimum grade of C- must be achieved in all courses for the minor with an overall minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Students who wish to minor in biology are required to consult with the department chair to design a minor that best meets their needs.