Minor Overview

This minor deepens your understanding and appreciation of French culture through intensive language study. The benefits of a French minor are many, and complement a variety of other fields, from international business and global public health, to literature and visual performing arts. Learning the subtle beauty and nuances of the French language not only strengthens your sense of intercultural awareness, but enables you to read, understand and even perform the works of French authors, poets, playwrights and film directors in their originally intended language.

Curriculum and Requirements

French Minor Curriculum

The minor includes six courses, at least one of which must be at the 300-level (18 credits). In all courses for the minor, a grade of C or higher must be achieved. At least 9 credits must be taken on campus.

Possible courses include:
FR 101Elementary French I3
FR 102Elementary French II3
FR 201Intermediate French I3
FR 202Intermediate French II3
FR 301Advanced French I3
FR 302Advanced French II3

Additional course details
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