Minor Overview

Being proficient in a foreign language provides a significant edge in the job market, and can open the door to exciting positions in government, international business, health care and education. This minor offers a strong foundation in the Italian language and the country’s rich culture. We believe in an immersive approach to learning languages, and so the classes you take will be taught entirely in Italian, with the exception of special topics courses such as “Italy: A Journey Through Food, History and Culture,” which are taught in English.

You’ll also have a wide variety of opportunities to explore Italian art and culture and hone your language skills through study abroad programs with our partners in Florence and Perugia, Italy. Quinnipiac will coordinate foreign internships and service-learning projects for you at a range of sites, such as the Roccafiore Winery, where you’ll learn about the international wine business, or at a local high school where you’ll help teachers design English language workshops and other learning plans, or perhaps at a luxury textiles company, where you can gain valuable management and marketing experience in the context of the global economy.  

Curriculum and Requirements

Italian Minor Curriculum

The minor consists of six courses (18 credits), at least two of which must be at the 300 level. A grade of C or higher must be achieved in all courses for the minor. At least 9 credits must be taken on campus.

Possible courses include:
IT 101Elementary Italian I3
IT 102Elementary Italian II3
IT 200Italian: Special Topics3
IT 201Intermediate Italian I3
IT 202Intermediate Italian II3
IT 210Italy: A Journey Through Its Food, History and Culture (in Eng.)3
IT 211Italian Cinema (in Eng.)3
IT 212Florence and the Making of the Renaissance (in Eng.)3
IT 299Independent Study3
IT 301Advanced Italian I3
IT 302Advanced Italian II3
IT 316Introduction to Italian Literature and Culture3
IT 320Italy's Cities3
IT 399Independent Study3

Additional course details
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