Minor Overview

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and territories, and is spoken by nearly half a billion people around the world. Acquiring a basic foundation in Spanish can be a valuable asset in many fields, from government and business to health care and education. Though not as comprehensive as our major, this program will immerse you in the language, offering each course entirely in Spanish. You’ll gain a cultural understanding of Spanish-speaking countries and communities around the world.  

You’ll have the flexibility to shape your minor and hone your language skills in electives that explore topics such as the Spanish Caribbean, History of Romance Languages and Spanish-American Literature. And Quinnipiac’s Albert Schweitzer Institute is an exciting resource, sponsoring service trips, educational projects and internship opportunities in countries including Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica.   

Curriculum and Requirements

Minor in Spanish Curriculum

The minor includes six courses (18 credits), all of which must be taught in Spanish. At least two of the six courses must be at the 300 level. A grade of C or higher must be achieved in all courses for the minor. At least 9 credits must be taken on campus.

Possible courses include:
SP 101Elementary Spanish I3
SP 102Elementary Spanish II3
SP 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SP 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SP 301Advanced Spanish I3
SP 302Advanced Spanish II3
SP 312Advanced Conversation3
SP 317Approaches to Literary Genres3
SP 321Masterpieces of Spanish Literature3
SP 329Spanish American Literature from 1880 to Present3
SP 335Nineteenth-Century Literature of Spain3
SP 343Culture of Spain3
SP 348Spanish Drama and Poetry of the Golden Age3
SP 370History of the Romance Languages3
SP 371Survey of Literature in Spanish3
SP 373Latin American Cultures I3
SP 374Latin American Cultures II3
SP 376The Spanish Caribbean3

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