College of Arts and Sciences. Thomas Rozea ' 16 Health Sciences, Paige Meyer '19 School of Communications, Adrien Chan '19, Entry Level Physcian Assistant. Professor Kate Philips. Newly-renovated Anatomy & Physiology Lab (Buckman Center 129). (Photograph by Rich Gilligan / for Quinnipiac University.  Copyright Notice: Rich Gilligan @Hello Artists photographed in Spring 2016 for the new branding materials and new EDU website. Usage terms are: Marketing Collateral in perpetuity - e.g.-student guides, annual reports, flyers, brochures, public affairs, web/social media
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Why College of Arts and Sciences?

Distinctive Learning Communities

Creative minds in action

The college is a distinguished, distinctive and engaged learning community. Our faculty and students work together on innovative research. We cultivate an academic environment that values diversity. The College of Arts and Sciences at Quinnipiac University is leading a quiet revolution in how to prepare students for an increasingly complex work world. We emphasize strong, individualized work in the majors and minors, as well as the acquisition of strong career skills and talents that translate well into real-world careers.

Our faculty are experts at mentoring student research, and they are especially talented classroom teachers. Faculty scholarship finds its way directly into the classroom and into student research projects, and we are constantly searching for ways to have students direct their own learning. 

Students are asked to demonstrate their learning and expertise in a variety of ways, from public performances and readings to publication and presentations at national conferences to creating portfolios of work that demonstrate their acquired skills and understandings. 

Above all, this is a teaching and learning community built around the idea that powerful scholarship, a passionate pursuit of knowledge, and a grounded education in 21st century skills provide our students with the best preparation for a satisfying life beyond college.

This is a good time to be an arts and sciences major: the complex and changing work world that our graduates will enter is hungry for the skills and expertise that a Quinnipiac education provides. 


World-Sized Classroom

Number of student and faculty international learning locations over six continents. These include faculty-led courses, study abroad programs, service learning trips and institutional collaboration programs

What our Graduates are Doing

What our graduates are doing

Graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences are driven not only to break into their desired field, but to make a definite impact in it. Our alumni work as business consultants in Fortune 500 companies, advisers on presidential campaigns, as well as for human services and social change organizations.

Featured Alumnus

“One very important lesson that I learned was how to turn adversity into motivation. Over the past four years, I believe that I have learned more than I ever expected about how to never lose my drive, even in the face of personal and academic challenges.”
Rachel Steinhauer
College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2016

Where Our Graduates Work

Creative Artists Agency


Time, Inc.



Peace Corps

The Hartford

Vera Solutions

In their Words

"I want to become a doctor so that I can help alleviate the causes of patient suffering. I'm also deeply curious about the inner workings of the brain. What's so amazing about research is that you are part of the production of knowledge rather than just a consumer of it. It gives me a better framework for understanding what I learn in my classes and it's challenging to work on something new that isn't published yet."
Allyson Wolf '15
Behavioral Neuroscience

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