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Fast Track Combined BA/MBA

Whether you plan to work in politics, government, Hollywood or the tech field, the versatility of a BA combined with an MBA will make you a valuable asset in any industry. With our program, you’ll get both degrees in only five years.

Program Overview

The Fast Track programs are designed for outstanding students who wish to complete a dual degree in less time than it would take to complete the two degrees separately. The BA/MBA program, designed for students who are enrolled in a bachelor of arts program, can be completed in five years. Students join the program in their junior year and begin taking graduate-level courses during their senior year that count toward both an undergraduate degree and an MBA.

The program prepares you to enter the professional world with a step up on your competition and a strong business foundation that complements the rest of your academic background. Instead of just learning abstract theory, you’ll gain a global perspective on business and hands-on exposure to whichever undergraduate discipline you decide to pursue. An executive study abroad course and experiential learning opportunities are both key components of this program, so you’ll develop solid professional work experience before you graduate.

Our alumni remain deeply involved with Quinnipiac and are eager to mentor current students and assist with internships and your job search. You’ll benefit from a variety of networking events and career fairs where you’ll connect with recruiters and alumni from firms such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, GE and Citi.

Curriculum and Requirements

Students with appropriate prerequisite knowledge are allowed to take courses toward an MBA during the senior year and complete their MBA in one year beyond the bachelor’s degree. Students interested in pursuing the BA/MBA option are strongly encouraged to declare the general business minor early in their undergraduate program to ensure they have an adequate foundation for graduate business course work. Interested students must apply for admission to the BA/MBA program during the last semester of the junior year using a special application form available in the School of Business. Admission into the combined program is competitive. Only students who have earned at least 75 credits with an overall GPA of 3.0 are considered for admission to this program. Meeting the minimum criteria for consideration does not guarantee admission.

It is recommended that students interested in the Fast Track BA/MBA program take the following undergraduate courses or equivalents early in their undergraduate program. These will prepare students for the recommended MBA classes during their senior year.

Course Structure

AC 211

Financial Accounting


EC 111 or
EC 112

Principles of Microeconomics or
Principles of Macroeconomics


EC 271

Applied Statistical Methods


Total Credits


Students in the Fast Track program may complete up to 9 credits of graduate courses during their senior year. These courses also fulfill undergraduate open electives. Students must work with their undergraduate adviser and the MBA director to ensure that the courses fit into both degree programs. Students must present satisfactory performance in their graduate course work completed during their senior year to be officially admitted into the graduate program upon completion of their BA degree. The BA/MBA curriculum consists of the MBA core courses including a requirement to complete MBA 660 with an international travel component and MBA 688.