Minor in Accounting

Minor Overview

You don’t have to work in business or finance to reap the benefits of accounting. The tools and broad perspective the accounting minor offers can prove useful in virtually every profession, as well as in your personal life. If you’re interested in augmenting your major and broadening your professional skills, this is a great way to gain a familiarity with the central tenets of accounting.

This six-course program examines managerial and financial accounting and offers a number of electives such as Auditing Theory and Practice and Advanced Federal Income Tax Procedure. Our faculty brings a wealth of experience to the classroom, having worked as certified public accountants, business professionals and lawyers.

Curriculum and Requirements

Students wishing to augment their field of study with the perspective and tools of accounting are encouraged to consider a minor in accounting.

The minor in accounting requires six courses. Students wishing to minor in accounting must complete:

Course Structure

AC 211

Financial Accounting


AC 212

Managerial Accounting


AC 305

Intermediate Accounting I


Select three of the following:

AC 306

Intermediate Accounting II

AC 307

Intermediate Accounting III

AC 323

Cost Accounting

AC 335

Accounting Systems

AC/CIS 350

Advanced Excel Programming (CIS 350)

AC 405

Advanced Accounting

AC 411

Auditing Theory and Practice

AC 412

Advanced Auditing

AC 431

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals

AC 432

Federal Income Taxation of Business Entities

Total Credits