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Minor in Health Care Management

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Minor Overview

Learn the business of health care

With aging populations, reforms and a rapid increase in health care spending, there is a growing demand for professionals who understand the business essentials of health care. Quinnipiac’s minor in health care management covers the knowledge you’ll need to ensure that health care organizations are profitable and efficient, and meet the highest industry standards. 

You’ll learn the complexities of health care systems, policies and financing; the legal and ethical issues related to health care delivery; and how to understand and assess massive amounts of health care data. This expertise is necessary for leadership positions in hospitals, physician’s offices, nursing homes, medical consulting and branding firms, pharmaceutical companies and other health care-based organizations. 

This minor complements a range of undergraduate business majors, health science disciplines such as biomedical marketing, and our certificate programs in health care compliance and long-term care administration. It also provides a solid foundation for the health care management track of the MBA program within the School of Business. 

Curriculum and Requirements

Health Care Management Minor Curriculum

Students must complete the following four courses, in addition to any two business courses, for which the student has completed the prerequisites.

HM 201Introduction to Healthcare Management3
HM 365Health Care Analysis3
HM 404Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery3
MG 105Organizational Management3
or MG 210 Essentials of Management and Organizational Behavior
Total Credits12
Students may choose any two electives 16
BAN 400
Data Mining
CIS 255
Data Visualization
CIS 350
Data Analysis with Excel (AC 350)
CIS 351
Database Programming and Design
ENT 210
Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking and Practice
ENT 250
Entrepreneurial Skills
ENT 350
Social Entrepreneurship
ENT 360
Small and Family Business
FIN 201
Fundamentals of Financial Management
FIN 345
Risk Management & Insurance
HM 320
Introduction to Health Insurance
MG 211
Operations Management
MG 301
Group and Virtual Team Processes
MG 302
Managing People, Projects and Change
MG 306
Staffing: Recruitment, Selection and Placement
MG 311
Advancing Employment Relations
MG 320
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
MG 335
Project Management
MG 340
Transportation and Logistics Management
MG 341
Service Operations Management
MK 355
Services Marketing
Total Credits6

Electives may be selected based on areas of interest:

  • Computer Information Systems - Choose two: CIS 255, CIS 350, CIS 351

  • Entrepreneurship or Small Business - Choose two: ENT 210, ENT 250, ENT 350, ENT 360

  • Human Resource Management - Take MG 302 and one of the following: MG 306MG 311MG 320MG 301

  • Supply Chain Management - Take MG 211 or IER 360 and one of the following: MG 340MG 335MG 341

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