Minor in International Business

Minor Overview

Multinational corporations and nonprofits alike look for talented professionals who have the core business skills and the technological competence to represent and grow their interests abroad. A minor in international business increases your knowledge of both the global marketplace and global business trends. You’ll learn how traditional disciplines such as finance, marketing and sales vary in international settings, as well as how to adapt managerial and leadership techniques to the needs of foreign environments.

This program also helps develop vital communication skills as well as a sense of cultural awareness. Electives ground you in the social, economic and political context of international business. You’ll learn to think globally, and how to effectively negotiate across many different cultures. Whatever your career goals entail, the international business minor contributes an important level of depth to your education, and can open doors to careers both at home and abroad.

Curriculum and Requirements

Students wishing to minor in international business must complete 18 credits, including the following requirements:

Course Structure

Required courses

IB 201

Global and International Business


IB 320

Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship


IB 352

International Management 


Select three of the following:

IB 105

International Business Environment

IB 300

Special Topics in International Business

IB 311

International Marketing

IB 313

International Marketing Research

IB 324

Negotiating Internationally

IB 335

International Finance

IB 345

Global Supply Chain

IB 355

Advanced Topics in International Financial Management

IB 362

Cross-cultural Business Research Part 1

IB 363

Cross-cultural Business Research Part 2

IB 488

International Business Internship

Total Credits