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Dual-Degree BA or BS/MS in Journalism (4+1)

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Whether you plan on becoming a foreign correspondent, covering the business world or reporting on the latest developments in Silicon Valley or in your own home town, this five-year program will prepare you to thrive in a contemporary media landscape.

Program Overview

Our Dual-Degree BA/MS or BS/MS in journalism program offers the flexibility to choose any undergraduate major that fits your particular interests and professional goals, and then get a head start on your master’s degree by taking graduate-level courses your senior year. The master’s component focuses on broadcast and multimedia journalism, so you’ll be ready to pursue a career in local, cable or network news or as a reporter for an online outlet. 

You’ll explore roles both on and off camera, by reporting, writing, shooting and editing news pieces using an array of sophisticated equipment in the Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center. This collaborative, hands-on work will familiarize you with modern techniques in broadcast journalism and offer plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience. The center includes a high-definition studio, HD and 4K editing suites and other tools designed to support both studio and remote productions. 

Quinnipiac was rated a Top 10 school for media professionals by LinkedIn, due in large part to the success our alumni have in the industry. Our alumni are working at CNN, ESPN and every major broadcast network. 


Curriculum and Requirements

Students may apply for provisional acceptance to the MS in Journalism program during the second semester of their junior year. If accepted, students can take up to 6 credits of graduate courses during their senior year beginning in the fall semester with the permission of the graduate program director. Those credits can be applied to both undergraduate and graduate programs. Applications for this special program are available through the School of Communications.

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