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Communications Dual-Degree Bachelor’s/Master’s (4+1)

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Our Dual-Degree Bachelor’s/Master’s (4+1) program gives driven students a major professional advantage, enabling them to earn both a bachelor’s degree in four years and a master’s in Cinematic Production Management, Interactive Media, Journalism, Public Relations or Sports Journalism in just one additional year.

Program Overview

Double your career opportunities

Rigorous, interdisciplinary and experiential, our 4+1 programs are available to outstanding students of all majors who want to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years. Combining a BA or BS with a graduate degree from the School of Communications gives you the complementary skills, diverse experiences and level of education necessary for long-term career success.

A hallmark of the 4+1 dual-degree programs is a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate study, which maximizes your time and money saved. You’ll earn up to 6 graduate-level credits during your senior year that count toward both degrees, and you are automatically admitted to the graduate program of your choice after commencement.

Career development is emphasized throughout our 4+1 programs. As a dual-degree student, you’ll be able to participate in the same networking events, job fairs and internships available to traditional students. You’ll also be guaranteed acceptance into the Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles program, which enables you to spend a semester interning in LA. Dedicated faculty, including our 4+1 program director, are available to assist you with course selection, internship placement, and your job search.

Program features include:

  • Open to students from any major with 3.0 GPA or greater
  • Choose from master’s degrees in Cinematic Production Management, Interactive Media, Journalism, Public Relations or Sports Journalism
  • Six graduate credits taken as a senior count toward both degrees, saving time and money
  • Qualified candidates are automatically admitted to the graduate program after Commencement
  • Internship options, including Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles
  • Special programming and networking opportunities available

Students in the dual-degree program can select on undergraduate program to combine with a master's degree. Details on each program can be found at the links below:


A view from the board with monitors showing all angles of a student news show being filmed.



The Ed McMahon Communications Center

If you're passionate about working behind the scenes or you see yourself running the news desk, the Ed McMahon Communications Center will fulfill your every need. With 4K edit suites and more than 80 multimedia workstations, we have the latest industry standard software for editing, design, production and more. In the Media Innovation Classroom and our labs, you will develop broadcast, print, mobile and interactive news content for campus media and a true experiential learning experience.

To learn more about this center and more offerings for journalism students, visit our Centers and Resources page.

In Their Words


Ahead of the class

Median earnings of young adults with a master's or higher degree were $60,000 in 2015, some 20 percent higher than those of young adults with a bachelor's degree. (NCES, 2015)

“The ICM program gave me a chance to expand my knowledge past what I learned in my undergraduate program. Many of the skills I acquired are used on a daily basis. Having extensive knowledge has given me an extra edge in receiving promotions and taking on more responsibility in the workplace.”
Thomas H. ’12, MS ’14
Interactive Digital Design major, Interactive Media master’s degree
“The PR 4+1 program has been one of my most meaningful experiences at Quinnipiac. As a psychology major, I didn’t know what to expect, but my PR classes have been highly beneficial. The program will give me the upper hand on my competition in the job market.”
Emma O. ’17, MS ’18
Psychology major, Public Relations master’s degree

Alumni Spotlight

A natural storyteller

Alumna Janelle Gonzalez ’09, MS ‘10, knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue media production in college, and it was clear to her after just one campus visit which one she would attend.

“When I got to see the main communications facility at Quinnipiac, I was sold,” she said.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in media production, Gonzalez entered the master’s program in interactive communications. An internship with a New York City-based production company she got as a graduate student led to her first job offer — before she’d even completed her program.

Three people wearing media credentials smile in front of large Olympic rings

Among the best

Janelle Gonzalez ’09, MS ‘10, center, smiles in front of the Olympic rings in Sochi, Russia in 2014. She earned two Emmy Awards for her contributions toward coverage for NBC of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Gonzalez would go on to experience her proudest moment at NBC Sports, when she won two Emmy Awards for her work on the 2014 Winter Olympics. Now employed at CNN Digital, she writes, produces and edits the features and documentaries that appear on CNN's digital platforms and television programs each day.

“I do what I love on a daily basis,” Gonzalez said, “and I’m incredibly proud of the work that I’ve done.”              

“Grad school is where everything really came together for me,” said Gonzalez.