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MA in Cinematic Production Management

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Program Overview

Guide film production, from concept to release

Film, television and streaming media companies all over the world need professionals who understand and can manage the production cycle from script development through visual post-production editing and national distribution and marketing. The unique, 36-credit CPM program teaches technical skills and practical industry knowledge that are typically only accumulated over six to eight years in the field, giving you a rare professional advantage.

Collaborative and heavily project-based, the CPM curriculum was designed with input from Los Angeles-based veterans of the entertainment industry, and culminates in a senior capstone course wherein you’ll write, budget and produce a short film that you’ve developed over the course of your studies. Additionally, the majority of CPM courses are delivered online, making it practical, cost-effective and convenient.

Graduates are fast-tracked to a range of management positions, including production office coordinator and location manager, to name a few. They also are placed on a clear path toward careers as 1st assistant directors, production managers, and other mid-upper echelon management jobs.

The CPM program pairs well with a variety of backgrounds, from business to theater. It also complements several undergraduate majors in the School of Communications, including film, television and media arts, media studies and public relations, making it an ideal choice for students in Quinnipiac’s accelerated dual-degree (3+1) and dual-degree (4+1) programs.


Faculty dedicated to student success

Quinnipiac’s School of Communications professors are committed to the personal and professional success of every student. While passionate scholars and accomplished in their own fields, teaching is their number one priority. Small class sizes, engaged professors with significant industry experience and a close-knit, diverse community create the kind of supporting, enriching environment that is rare. We are personally invested in seeking ways to help our students develop into strong, certified, leading professionals.

Curriculum and Requirements

MA in Cinematic Production Management curriculum and requirements

Program Core Courses

  • FTM 501 - Master’s Colloquy, 3 credits
  • FTM 502 - Contemporary Practices in Production Workflow, 3 credits
  • FTM 503 - Screenwriting I, 3 credits
  • FTM 504 - Production Scheduling and Introduction to Production Budgeting, 3 credits
  • FTM 505 - Entertainment Law and Talent Agency Contemporary Practice, 3 credits
  • FTM 506 - Screenwriting II and Production Workshop, 3 credits
  • FTM 507 - Production Budgeting, 3 credits
  • FTM 508 - Principles of Domestic and Worldwide Production Office Management Practices, 3 credits
  • FTM 509 - Principles of Film, Television and Streaming Social Media Analytics; Sales, Advertising, Distribution, Marketing; Finance and Incorporation, 3 credits
  • FTM 510 - Principles of Post Production Management, 3 credits

Choose one:

  • Option I: FTM 601 - Production Management Thesis Production, 6 credits
  • Option II: FTM 602 - Production Management Professional Placement and Residency, 6 credits

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