Minor in Film and Television

Minor Overview

A minor in film, television and media arts will broaden your appreciation for visual storytelling as an art form, and familiarize you with the basics of screenwriting and film production. You’ll explore the rich history of cinema and television and develop a foundation in the theories and techniques that make characters and stories spring to life.

Quinnipiac’s proximity to the media epicenter of New York City provides exciting opportunities to enrich your academic experience through internships. You will benefit from access to a vast network of alumni who work as media professionals and are eager to mentor you. You’re also free to explore the many facets of multimedia production with the sophisticated equipment in Quinnipiac’s Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center, all-digital media state-of-the-art production environment where students create sophisticated broadcast-quality video content and programming, as well as high tech multimedia productions for web and mobile. 

Curriculum and Requirements

The 18-credit minor in film and television provides students with substantive understanding of the history, theory and storytelling techniques of production practice.

For students majoring from within or outside of the School of Communications, required minor courses are:

Minor Requirements

FTM 102

Understanding Film


FTM 240

Analysis of the Moving Image


FTM 320

History of Film I (to 1975)


FTM 322

History of Film (and Television) II


FTM 372



FTM 450

Senior Seminar in Film and Television


Total Credits