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BA/MAT Five-Year Program in Secondary Education

From demonstrating the way chemicals react in a science lab to guiding students through the steps of writing a well-researched paper, secondary school teachers can have a profound impact on the lives and futures of students in grades seven through 12.

Program Overview

We’ll teach you how to plan lessons, manage a classroom and enhance your understanding of many different types of learners and cultures. Typically, high school teachers specialize in a particular area, and you can choose from the array of majors offered in our College of Arts and Sciences. 

The five-year BA/MAT program enables you to complete your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and secondary teaching certificate (grades seven through 12) within five years.  In your first year, you’ll select a major, such as biology, english, history, spanish or mathematics, which will prepare you to teach that subject on the secondary school level. In your junior year, you’ll add education courses while continuing to focus on your major. You’ll automatically transition to graduate school after you earn your bachelor’s degree, and your final year will be spent interning at an area school under the supervision of an on-site teacher-adviser and a School of Education faculty member.

At the end of five years, you’ll earn your master of arts in teaching degree and will be eligible to test for your secondary teaching certificate. The secondary teaching certificate is accepted in more than 40 states, including all of the Northeast states.

Curriculum and Requirements

BA/MAT Five-year Program in Secondary Education

The secondary education program is designed to prepare the teacher candidate with strong teaching skills and a depth of content knowledge in the discipline they wish to teach. Students interested in secondary education must select a major from among the following: biology, English, history, mathematics, or Spanish.

Central to candidates’ professional studies are undergraduate service-based courses (ED 341LED 342LED 409LSPED 452L) in which candidates gain 80 hours of hands-on experience, and the full-year graduate internship/residency experience in partner schools.

General Requirements

The following courses meet both the University Curriculum requirements and the Connecticut State Department of Education’s general education requirements. A grade of “B” or better is required in these courses.

Course List
EN 101Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing 13
MA 110Contemporary Mathematics 23
or MA 140 Pre-Calculus
or MA 118 Applied Calculus
HS 131U.S. History to 18773
or HS 132 U.S. History Since Reconstruction
World Language - Level 101 or higher3
PS 101Introduction to Psychology3
PS 236Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology3
Social Sciences3
Fine Arts3
Total Credits27-28

Student must receive a grade of B or better in EN 101.  English majors must take EN 325


MA 140 is required if student tests out of MA 110 .  Student must receive a grade of B or better in either MA 110 or MA 140.

Professional Component Secondary

Course List
ED 140Introduction to Public Education and the Teaching Profession1
ED 250(uc) Diversity, Dispositions and Multiculturalism3
ED 260Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education3
ED 341
& 341L
Learning and Teaching the Developing Child
and Learning & Teaching: Pedagogy Field Lab I
ED 343
& 343L
Advanced Learning and Teaching in Secondary Classrooms
and Advanced Learning and Teaching: Secondary Assessment Field Lab II
ED 409
& 409L
Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
and English Language Arts Field Lab III
ED 477Teaching English Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom3
ED 50_Methods II3
ED 514Internship I1
ED 515Internship II1
ED 550Issues and Research in Education2
ED 576Teacher Discourse in the Secondary Classroom3
ED 601Student Teaching and Seminar6
ED 693Research I2
ED 694Research II2
SPED 552
& SPED 452L
Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
and Inclusive Classroom Secondary Field Lab IV
Select three graduate content discipline courses12
Total Credits58

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the graduate MAT program is based on a holistic review by MAT program faculty of the following admission requirements:

  • A preferred 3.0 minimum overall undergraduate GPA (from all colleges and universities attended) for 45 credits of course work with a subject area major or appropriate interdisciplinary major (applicants with overall GPAs below 2.67 will not be considered).
  • A passing score on the Praxis Core Academic Skills Test or a Praxis Core Academic Skills Assessment Waiver.
  • At least two written recommendations from individuals who have recent knowledge (within the last two years) of the applicant's suitability as a prospective educator, including one from a college instructor.
  • A written essay completed on-site that meets program standards.
  • A formal interview during which the applicant is expected to demonstrate: an ability to communicate clearly; a demeanor appropriate to the teaching profession; and a maturity and attitude necessary to meet the demands of the MAT program.
  • Effective July 1, 2010, Connecticut law requires all teacher candidates to undergo a criminal background check prior to being placed in a public school setting for field study, internship and student teaching. Because a clinical experience is an integral part of each semester, failure to abide by this law will make an applicant ineligible for admission to the program. The School of Education has procedures in place to assist candidates in obtaining the background check. The cost of the background check is the responsibility of the teacher candidate.