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Certificate of Completion in Special Education

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A good teacher recognizes that every child has unique strengths and weaknesses. Special needs children require a unique teaching approach. We’ll teach you to identify children with special needs and tailor your teaching style to help your students reach their full potential.

Program Overview

As the demand for teachers with special education skills continues to rise, incorporating a comprehensive special education component into your master’s experience will give you an added advantage once you become a professional educator. The Certificate of Completion in Special Education is an optional 12-credit program offered to MAT teacher candidates or to individuals who already have a current teaching certificate. It will prepare you to work effectively with children with disabilities or learning impairments, such as those with autism and other communication disorders. 

The program emphasizes the importance of establishing an accepting and comfortable classroom environment for all students, regardless of their individual abilities. The curriculum is a mix of online and traditional courses and explores topics such as characteristics of students with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders, and teaching in the inclusive classroom. You’ll also complete a 1-credit independent study project that you can design to reflect your particular interests and career goals.

Curriculum and Requirements

Special Education Certificate of Completion
Program of Study

SPED 545Introduction to the Exceptional Child4
SPED 552Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom3
SPED 567Independent Research in Special Education (required)1
Select one of the following:4
SPED 565
Specific Learning Disabilities: Identification, Instruction and Assessment (LD)
SPED 566
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Total Credits12

The Certificate of Completion in Special Education is a 12-credit option for MAT program teacher candidates or for external applicants who hold a current teaching certificate from an approved institution of higher education and/or are practicing teachers. The certificate is not a degree or licensure program. External candidates may earn the certificate by completing 12 credits of online special education courses as listed above. Current certified teachers interested in the Certificate of Completion in Special Education online program should contact Quinnipiac Online.

For internal candidates for the certificate, 3 credits are earned as part of the required program of study for the MAT program. The additional 9 credits required for the Certificate of Completion in Special Education are earned through two 4-credit online courses offered during the J-term, and a 1-credit independent study to be completed during the final semester in the program.

MAT program candidates interested in the Certificate of Completion in Special Education should notify the coordinator of the Certificate of Completion in Special Education program by September 1 of their senior year (or the start of the first semester for candidates in the 5-semester MAT program), as the first course in the optional program, SPED 545, is taken online during the J-term of the candidate’s senior year.

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