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From operating systems and internet browsers to gaming software and smartphone apps, skilled software engineers are in demand to maintain the digital landscape in which we work and play. At the same time, cybersecurity has become a major concern. Employers in virtually every field rely on cybersecurity experts to solve complex issues while keeping them connected, productive and safe from cyber threats. Our School of Engineering has developed a unique accelerated program that brings these two high-demand fields of computing together so graduates are prepared for a range of fulfilling and rewarding careers.

This 3+1 program is immersive and interdisciplinary, with a strong focus on career development. You’ll become proficient with leading industry hardware and software systems. Our on-campus computer science labs feature state-of-the-art equipment, hosting four unique internal networks. We will provide you with access to systems running Windows and Linux to acclimate you to different operating systems and work environments. The MS in Cybersecurity program offers hands-on courses taught by world-class security experts. It culminates in a capstone project using commercial or open source security tools.

You’ll master such skills as coding, system design, quality assurance and testing, and we’ll teach you to manage projects and think creatively to prepare for a career as a programmer or software developer. During design and development courses, you’ll work as part of a team to create, troubleshoot and solve the kinds of issues faced daily in your profession. Your coursework also will cover a host of topics including cryptography, artificial intelligence and robotics.

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The 3+1 program incorporates a strong support system and peer mentoring program. Students may choose to live in an optional Living-Learning Community (LLC) that provides an engaging and supportive academic and social environment. The program’s director also serves as a point-person for academic advising and will work closely with you to guide you through course selection and internship processes.