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BS in Computer Science

Whether you’re safeguarding a prestigious law firm’s database against hackers or redesigning web pages for a corporation or major news organization, computer science skills make you an indispensable asset in many industries.

Program Overview

In this digital age, government agencies, private corporations and universities all rely on computer scientists to solve complex network and database issues to keep them connected, productive and safe from cyber threats. Software publishers look to you to fix bugs in their current products. 

We’ll teach you to become proficient with leading industry hardware and software systems. Under the guidance of our dedicated faculty, you’ll learn a host of skills, from web design and data structure to cryptography and program languages. The knowledge you’ll gain prepares you for a career as a computer programmer, systems analyst, network administrator or software quality assurance tester, among others. 

Your professional experience begins in your first semester. Our on-campus computer science labs offer state-of-the-art equipment, hosting four unique internal networks. Our machines run Windows and Linux virtually to acclimate you to different operating systems and working environments.

Curriculum and Requirements

Note: a minimum grade of C- is required for all computer science course prerequisites unless otherwise stated.

Course List
University Curriculum
Foundations of Inquiry:
FYS 101First Year Seminar3
EN 101Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing3
EN 102Academic Writing and Research3
Quantitative Literacy:
MA 205Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (CSC 205)3
Disciplinary Inquiry:
Natural Sciences (Take one UC science course with lab):4
Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts: 19
Personal Inquiry:
Natural Sciences (Take one UC science course)3
Additional Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts 26
MA 141Calculus of a Single Variable I3
or MA 229 Linear Algebra
Take 6 additional UC credits (the mathematics elective below could count)6
Integrative Capstone:
University Capstone3
Mathematics Elective
Take one mathematics course at the level MA 140 or above3
Computer Science Core Requirements
CSC 110
& 110L
Programming and Problem Solving
and Programming and Problem Solving Lab
CSC 111
& 111L
Data Structures and Abstraction
and Data Structures & Abstraction Lab
SER 120Object Oriented Design and Programming4
CSC 210
& 210L
Computer Architecture and Organization
and Computer Architecture and Organization Lab
CSC 215Algorithm Design and Analysis3
CSC 225Introduction to Software Development (SER 225)3
CSC 310Operating Systems and Systems Programming3
CSC 491Senior Project 13
CSC 492Senior Project 23
CSC Electives (Take 9 credits of CSC elective courses) 39
Open Courses
Total Credits89

Must take one course from each area.


Take two classes, each from a different area.


Any CSC course at the 300-level or above counts. 

Complete additional course work to reach 120 credits. This course work must include any missing UC credits from Personal Inquiry above. Students are encouraged to consider adding a second major, or one or more minors.