Engineering Professor Jose Riofrio places a student's water-bottle rocket into a launcher during an outdoor class.

Why School of Engineering?

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A large piece of machinery is featured in a classroom within the School of Engineering.

Evolved education for evolving fields

An education in the School of Engineering is anything but passive. Interactive facilities and industry-leading equipment and machinery prepare you for the 21st century's most rewarding and challenging careers.

A fresh start

Engineering is all about innovation; so is Quinnipiac. That’s why our new School of Engineering, which graduated its first class in 2016, is already helping students build bridges to a brighter future. With small classes and unparalleled access to our award-winning faculty, our student-centered education will instill in you the passion to make a difference in the world, as well as the technical know-how to get things done.

The world continues to change, and we’re changing with it. Our growing ranks of alumni are well trained, creative problem solvers who are poised to excel in a wide variety of fields. Students choose from five majors, including software engineering, which continually tops lists as one of the nation’s fastest-growing careers. The new school, with impressive state-of-the-art workshops, buzzes with fresh energy, new ideas and an ever-growing list of internship and corporate partners. Engineering is a dynamic field; why not kick-start your career at a dynamic school? 

Employers are impressed by our students’ can-do attitude — and by what they’ve already accomplished. That’s why 100 percent of our 2016 graduates secured a job or gained admission to graduate school before graduating from QU. Whether you want to build databases or build bridges, you’ll be armed with a lifelong love of learning, as well as the personal and professional skills to thrive. 

Our Students

Collaboration inside and outside the classroom

At Quinnipiac you'll join a tight-knit group of diverse undergraduate students. Here, everyone — from military veterans to high school valedictorians — comes together to form a friendly and supportive community. Our students thrive on interprofessional interaction; engineering students study, collaborate and socialize with students from Quinnipiac’s seven other schools.

Our engineering students are high achievers who are energized by tackling — and solving — real-world problems. Internships and a multitude of other hands-on experiences ensure that our students are well prepared to step into the world of work and start making a difference immediately. 

Engineering student Kieran Kilduff celebrates his team's water-bottle rocket launch during class outside.

Ready for launch

Quinnipiac engineering student Kieran Kilduff reacts to his team's water-bottle rocket launch during class outside the Center for Communications and Engineering.

Student life at Quinnipiac extends far beyond the classrooms and high-tech workshops. Engineering students routinely participate in the lively social and recreational activities available on our three campuses. In addition, they can build lifelong connections by becoming involved with one of four prominent professional engineering associations that have created a niche for themselves on campus. 

Finding Your Area of Study

Charting the right engineering course

Engineering is nuanced, and made up of many specialties and sub-fields. Choosing a specialty is easy for some students, and a little more difficult for others. That's why we offer a course to introduce students to varied engineering careers: The World of an Engineer. The hands-on class gives you the opportunity to explore elements of each program we offer — mechanical, civil, industrial and software — to get a full sense of which one is right for you. This course introduces you to tools and concepts from each program while working closely with faculty as you find what will become your passion.

The video below demonstrates the civil engineering component of this course. This hands-on project allows students to apply structural design concepts and strategically plan out a project from start to finish. It also gives them the space to test and compare their designs with their peers.

Engineering Grand Challenges

Tackling engineering’s greatest global issues

The School of Engineering is proud to be designated a Grand Challenges Scholar Program (GCSP) school by The National Academy of Engineering. The GCSP strengthens engineering programs by integrating five core competencies that a student must achieve to prepare them to address the NAE’s 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering facing global society in the 21st century. These include:

  • Talent Competency
  • Multidisciplinary Competency
  • Viable Business/Entrepreneurship Competency
  • Multicultural Competency
  • Social Consciousness Competency

As of August 2018, Quinnipiac is one of only 61 universities in the world with an approved Grand Challenges Scholar Program, a prestigious list that includes Duke University, Georgia Tech, Olin College and MIT. Students who become Grand Challenge Scholars have a significant edge as they enter the workforce and are more desirable to employers. Thanks to their broad technical skillset, broader socio-cultural perspective, business acumen, global focus and service learning experience, they are well prepared to tackle emerging engineering challenges anywhere in the world.

Life After Quinnipiac

Building a successful career

Our graduates are in great demand. Employers frequently come to campus to interact with students and to build meaningful, professional relationships that will continue long after our students have left campus. Our alumni put their finely tuned skills to work in a wide variety of fields, including media, finance, transportation, pharmaceuticals, construction, aerospace engineering and many more.

The framework for their success began right here, with student-focused academics, augmented by real research and field work. By the end of their journey, our graduates know exactly where they want to land thanks to the guidance of faculty mentors and curricular offerings such as our Professional Development Seminar course. Some go on to prestigious graduate programs, while others will join top engineering firms, manufacturing companies or government agencies. 

“We bring employers to campus and we engage them in projects — it goes way beyond jobs. Of course they are impressed by the facilities, but they also are impressed by the proximity and engagement of the faculty. They like that we focus on the practical side of being an engineer. Employers want to know what kind of student is going to come out of Quinnipiac. So far, they’re pretty impressed.”
Grace Peiffer
Senior Director of Employer Relations

What Our Graduates Are Doing

Amanda Kassay ’10, a senior creative engineer at Google’s New York City offices, speaks to students at her office.

Alumni who give back

Amanda Kassay ’10, a senior creative engineer at Google’s New York City offices, invited 9 computer science and software engineering students to travel to New York to see the inner workings of one of the world's most prestigious technology companies.

Going places

Our graduates continue on to rewarding careers in civil, industrial, mechanical and software engineering, as well as in computer science. We have one of the youngest programs in the country, which means you'll have access to the newest, state-of-the-art technology to prepare you for a successful career. Employers have noticed!

Our alumni have found successful jobs straight after graduation. So whether you want to work with a city’s planning board to build roadways, bridges or waterways, streamline the manufacturing process of an automotive plant, or safeguard databases against hackers, we will provide you with the ultimate hands-on experience to launch a satisfying and successful engineering career. That's when employers will notice you.

Examples of where our graduates work

Boston Scientific




Gerber Scientific


Interactive Brokers


Lutron Electronics

Yale New Haven Hospital

Featured Alumni

Hands-on education builds successful careers

Brandon Simone ’16 attributes the hands-on experiences he enjoyed when he was a student in our School of Engineering to the successes he is enjoying now as a graduate.

“It was an experience I will never forget and truly impacted my life,” he said. “Small class sizes and an extraordinarily knowledgeable faculty took my experience at Quinnipiac above and beyond my expectations.”

Simone is employed at Gerber Technology as a mechanical engineer responsible for helping to develop projects throughout the design process. 

Brandon Simone '16 measures output data generated from a new sensor he is testing at Gerber Technology.

More than just jobs

Brandon Simone '16 measures output data generated from a new sensor he is testing at Gerber Technology. Brandon is employed as a mechanical engineer for the Tolland, Connecticut-based manufacturing company.