Many of the most effective Fortune 500 CEOs are lawyers because lawyers know how to ask the right questions and analyze problems from different perspectives. Our dual JD/MBA degree will prepare you to navigate the modern intersections of law and business.

Program Overview

Whether you want to play a transformative role in health care reform or become a leader in the management consulting industry, this program will give you a unique perspective on how organizations operate and how they interact with the law. You’ll develop a versatile set of negotiating and analytical skills that will give you a competitive edge as a corporate lawyer, public policymaker or entrepreneur.

Both the School of Law and the School of Business believe in collaborative, hands-on approaches to mastering their respective disciplines. You’ll spend time honing your leadership and critical thinking skills in group work and mock trials. You’ll also learn to work with real clients and apply your legal and business knowledge in our clinics and externships, where you can get practical experience by representing clients from the local community in disputes with the IRS and providing other services. You can also gain a global perspective through the School of Business' experiential learning trips to Asia, Europe and South America.

Beginning on your first day, you’ll receive as much support as you need, through services such as the School of Law’s Day One Mentoring Program, which pairs you with a faculty mentor as well as a second- or third-year law student for guidance. The vast alumni networks of both schools will also be valuable assets during your search for externships and jobs. Our alumni are working at a variety of prominent firms including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and GE, and are active in Quinnipiac’s various career fairs and recruiting events. 

Admissions Requirements

Admission is very competitive. For Fall 2016, we received more than 710 applications for a 1L class of 92 students. We admit those applicants who have the most potential to emerge from the law school experience as excellent, responsible lawyers.

The most important factors considered are:

  • Undergraduate scholastic record
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores

We also weigh factors such as:

  • Applicant's personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Advanced degrees
  • Life and work experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Applicant’s ability to enhance the diversity of perspectives represented in our student body

We operate under a rolling-admission system, but suggest submitting your application by March 1 for priority fall admission and scholarship consideration. Candidates for the Dean’s Fellows full-tuition awards should apply by February 1.

Quinnipiac University School of Law supports equality of educational and employment opportunity. No person shall be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic or national origin.

How to Apply

Applicants who plan to obtain a joint JD/MBA degree must apply to and be accepted by both the School of Law and School of Business.

It is possible for students who have not yet completed their degree requirements for one program to apply to the other school to be considered for a joint degree.

Each school assists in adapting the program to the needs and interests of the enrolled student by approving schedules and joint credits for courses.

Admissions for these programs are handled separately, but a student should inform both admissions offices of an interest in pursuing the joint degree. The earlier you are accepted into both programs and declare pursuit of both degrees, the more beneficial the joint degree program is in the practical savings of time and credits.

Students accepted into the School of Law are not required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). A student may be admitted to one program and, prior to meeting the graduation requirements for that program, apply for the joint degree program.

Upon admission to the joint degree program, the enrolled student must meet with the director of the School of Business' MBA program and the associate dean of the School of Law for advisement. Students may attend either full-time or part-time. Because each applicant's credentials are evaluated based on education and experience, prerequisite courses may be required.

For more information on the MBA program, please contact:

Lisa Sala Braiewa, director of the MBA program, at or e-mail

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