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Our relatively small size means a student community that is close, connected and, with approximately 30 student organizations, constantly on the move. Our students bring a wide range of backgrounds to their law school experience.

Students and Applicants

When you enroll at Quinnipiac School of Law, you’ll join a diverse student body, with individuals from various backgrounds and ethnicities. This includes recent college graduates, experienced professionals and parents returning to school after raising their children. 

Our students are hard-working, collaborative and committed to maintaining a learning environment focused on integrating your personal and professional values. Students are often found volunteering, playing sports or stretching their leadership skills through one or more of our student organizations. 

The Fall 2020 incoming class students brought impressive academic credentials and a range of backgrounds, experiences and passion.

Enrollment — Fall 2020

  • Total applicants: 880
  • First-year students enrolled: 136
  • Total JD students enrolled: 390

LSAT Score

149 25th Percentile

152 Median

155 75th Percentile


3.17 25th Percentile

3.46 Median

3.69 75th Percentile

Class Profile

  • Female: 58%
  • Male: 42%
  • Average Age: 25
  • Undergraduate institutions represented: 75
  • Majors represented: 42

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